Moorland Pole Bending was a pole bending course managed by Josh, located north-west of Moorland Stables. It was removed around the update of April 1, 2020.


"Howdy, [Player]! Great day for a little western riding? Why not try my fantastic Pole Bending Competition? You need to weave between the poles. Starting with the furthest one, weave through all the poles, riding around the one right here, then weave your way back down again. Then ride back here as fast as you can! Try and do it as quickly as you can. Good luck!" - Josh


Weave through the poles as fast as you can. Circle the last pole then weave your way back to the finish line.

Finished race

"Hee hee, great fun, right? Maybe you'll develop a taste for western riding, my friend. Try again if you like and try to improve your time!" - Josh


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