Midsummer was a festival celebrated on Jorvik. On Midsummer's eve, the residents of Jorvik gather to light the bonfire and to raise the maypole. Some exclusive equipment was available during the festival.

Note: Midsummer will not be returning to the game. Instead, some aspects will return in a new main summer celebration. This is stated in SSO's news article for the final release of the festival ("Let’s give Midsummer one last hurrah!" section).


The first Midsummer event was held in June of 2013. In the first version of this event, the player, was employed by Steve to help prepare for the Midsummer festivities in The Everwind Fields behind Marley's Farm. This location made Midsummer one of the few events non-Star Riders could not participate in.

2014's Midsummer event added special Midsummer stores to purchase special event items and Felix's famous Midsummer Treasure Hunt, which allowed users to follow hints to find hidden treasure around Jorvik and receive special exclusive event items.

The event remained relatively the same the following years until 2018, when the event got a major update. This change involved the movement of the event area from Everwind Fields to the event area next to Jasper's old house, just outside of Moorland, meaning all players would have access to it. Steve, Felix, and many of the other NPCs involved in the event in past years were relieved of their duty, as the Jorvik Rangers (Specifically Rangers, Marisol, Ashley, Stanislav, and Dylan) took over the preparations. The original setup activities were not removed but updated to fit the new quest area, but Felix's quest was removed in its entirety. Additionally, three new quests/activities were added to replace Felix's treasure hunt.

In 2022, the event returned for the final time, as it was announced that it would be removed in favor of the upcoming Summer Festival as part of the "new plan" for festivals.

Appearance of Jorvik[]


The Midsummer location as it appears during the newer events

There was little change to Jorvik's appearance save for the areas where the event took place. 2013-2017's event, decorated The Everwind Fields with a giant bonfire, a picnic table with food, a boombox that played music, and of course, the maypole. It resembled the Swedish version of the pole called midsommarstång, it was covered in flowers and greenery with a triangle shape at the top. Below it were two wreaths covered in mid-sized flowers, and atop the pole was the fresh green and light blue flag of Jorvik.

In 2018 and following years, Midsummer was more lavishly decorated in hues of fresh green and light blue, mimicking Jorvik's flag. The area includes wood fencing and a wooden stage for music decorated with hanging lights and blue ribbons that players could use, a large bonfire, little lawn lamps lighting the area, and buckets full of colorful flowers.


A closeup of the stage and decorations.

There were picnic tables and blankets laid out for players to lounge on, and three activity areas players could interact with for quests and games. The maypole was in the middle of it all and was been updated to resemble a mixture of traditional and Swedish maypoles. While still covered in greenery and flowers, the triangle was been replaced with a wooden cone-like frame around the top and white and blue ribbons hung along with the flowered wreaths at the end of the cone. Additionally, a light blue ribbon was wrapped around the pole and Jorvik's flag remained flying at the top. Interestingly, while NPCs did not visit the event area in previous years, they now dotted the area, decked out in special flower crowns.



The Midsummer Vision Tent

In the Midsummer Events between 2013 and 2017, the event consisted of two main sets quests. These were helping Steve set up the event area and participating in Felix's Treasure hunt. Steve's Quests involved going to The Council Man in Silverglade to obtain the food, Harold for the drinks, Barney for the tables and Landon for the music. Additionally the player would have to travel to collect flowers, leaves, and the maypole for decorations and supplies for the bonfire. Felix's Midsummer treasure hunt was a daily activity that could be picked up once a day. The location changed every day, as did the prize and Felix would give the player clues to where the treasure was hidden that day.


The Midsummer Fishing Game

The Midsummer events beginning in 2018 separated Steve's quests into four main quests split between the four Jorvik rangers present, and three additional quests. Marisol replaces Steve as overseer of the operations, Ashley is put in charge of the bonfire, Dylan is put in charge of food, drinks and music, and Stanislav is in charge of the maypole. Three additional passive quests were also added, these being a makeshift fishing pond to collect daily rewards with and a Midsummer Tent that allows players to view a vision after collecting seven flowers around the event area. Finally, a Flower Hunt was available for the Flower Crown Crafting station, a Flower Map was on the table that gave hints to where the flowers are located in Jorvik (this is the only set of quest non-star riders will not be able to fully participate in due to the locations of some of the flowers). This daily flower quest did not return after 2020's Midsummer.

Check the Midsummer Flower Map Guide for a more thorough walk-through on flower locations.

Gifts and Rewards[]

The 2013 to 2017 set up quests rewarded players with special sets of Midsummer clothing, and Felix's treasure hunt would reward players with anything from treats and accessories, to equipment. Users could also purchase special items from the Midsummer Stores.

Starting in 2018, finishing the main set of setup quests would not reward the player with items, but would give XP, allow users to view all the decorations set up in the area, and interact with NPCs who arrive for the party.

The Midsummer Tent rewarded players with one special vision but did not give items.

The Fishing Pond would give players a chance to grab one exclusive piece of clothing daily. Once the full set of items has been collected (a full set of clothes and horse gear), the tent would start to give out horse food and café items.

After collecting the flowers for the Flower Crown Crafting station, users would be gifted with one of seven unique flower crowns each day.

Finally, the Midsummer Store had equipment, clothing, and accessories for sale from the current event and ones in past years.


  • The event is based off of a real-life celebration of the same name, mainly celebrated in European countries.