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    Hello, and welcome to Jorvikipedia! Thank you very much for your edit on the page Pandoria. Before you continue editing, we Admins Esme, Lys, Ylva and Sof want to ask the following of you:

    - Read our commandments

    - ONLY use English on the Wikia

    - Remember that you are NEVER allowed to use a photo that you have not photographed yourself, if you have not got permission to do so from the owner of the picture

    - The Wiki is for facts only, but if you want to talk about Jorvik's magical world, you are very welcome to do so in our forum!

    Thank you for being here and do not hesitate to contact Esme, Lys, Ylva or Sof if you need any help! You may also want to check out our awesome page for frequently asked questions :)

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