Mel is Thalia's partner in theatre. She is in charge of props and costumes an sells accessories to players.



Mel as she appears in-game


Mel is the short form of the name Melpomene. It is derived from Greek word μελπω (melpo) meaning "to sing, to celebrate with song".

This was also the name of one of the nine Muses in Greek mythology, the muse of tragedy.

  • Being named after a muse is fitting as Mel is interested in the dramatic arts which the muses presided over in the Greek mythos and culture.


  • Mel revealed in her dialogue that her name, Mel, is actually short for Melpomene.
  • Because Mel's face is obscured by her glasses it is only possible to see her eyes by looking at the side of her face from an angle, revealing them to be green.
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