Loretta is one of the leaders of the Bobcat Girls club and also a racing leader who lives at the Moorland Stable. According to her, she was born and raised in Moorland in a very normal family. Loretta holds a daily competition that goes over Nilmer's Highland. Loretta is best friends with Tan, another Bobcat club leader. They both are very fashion-minded and enjoy criticizing other people based on their looks and/or horse riding skills.

Loretta has a crush on Justin Moorland and she's making sure that the player knows not to get between them.

"Just a minute! One more thing: keep away from Justin. He’s mine and nobody will ever come between us. Not that there’s any chance that he would ever be interested in… somebody like you."

Even though Loretta acts very cocky she is actually a friendly person once the player gets to know her better. She's also superstitious and believes in ghosts.

"What are you doing here? Are you lost or something? Oh, Tan sent you… that was kind of her… of you. Maybe you’re ok after all. Listen, I’m sorry if I’ve been kind of hard on you. You seem ok. Thanks for the help --."

Loretta, Before her model update.


  • I Will Show Them
  • Returning to Justin
  • A Friendly Race
  • A New Girl at the Stable
  • Time for a Welcome!
  • Take Care of FireWind and Tell Me About It!
  • Something’s Not Right…
  • Rumor Has It Loretta’s Like Totally a Thief
  • A Bit Better, A Bit Fancier
  • Invitation for People With Style
  • Best Decorations Ever!
  • Creepy Lights
  • Present Panic
  • Best Party Ever!
  • Just the Fun Clean Up Left
  • A Thank You Present? Or Leftovers?
  • Can You Scare Someone Nicely?
  • Rent-A-Ghost
  • Two That Have Seen the Ghost



English cognate of the Italian name Lauretta, a diminutive form of Laura.


  • Loretta is Tan's best friend.
  • Loretta has a crush on Justin Moorland.
  • In the game Loretta starts off being cold, but she eventually accepts players as friends and invites them to join Bobcat Girls.
  • She plans to (someday) open her own stable in Beauvista.
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