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Khaan is Sabine's horse in Star Stable Online.


He is a jet black Jorvik Friesian with his mane done up in a French Braid. His most notable feature is his bright red eyes with no discernible sclera or pupil.

Star Stable Online

Khann is a corrupted Starbreed forcibly bonded to Sabine. He is used by the Dark Riders to corrupt the land in their goal of setting Garnok free. When ridden by Sabine, Khaan leaves firey hoof prints behind. He does not appear to be able to speak or be in control of his actions.


Khaan is an Urdu and Pashto title meaning "king, ruler". It is suspected to originate from Mongolian, however, the word has been transmitted into many other languages.


  • In Starshine Legacy Khaan was constantly frowning.
  • Khaan is the only Dark Rider's horse that has a name in the Star Stable: Soul Riders franchise books.
  • Prior to the relase of his makeover, you can find him and Sabine on a hill in wildwoods behind Gary Goldtooth's camp
  • When Khaan is standing, usually next to Sabine, he doesn't use any of the Jorvik Friesian's idle animations.