The Keepers of Aideen, commonly known as the Druids, protects Jorvik from the evil forces of Dark Core. They play a big part in the story-line.


The Wild Wardens

In "The Girl Who Can Talk To Horses", during the third part of the story it's revealed that there is sect of Druids called the Wild Wardens that live on the Northern Side of Jorvik. Like the Soul Riders, they vow to protect all who live on Jorvik, connecting with nature. However unlike the Soul Riders, who treasured the bonds with their noble steeds the wardens preferred the horses remain wild and free leaving the choice to be ridden by a person up to the horses themselves.

According to Rhiannon, the presence of a wild horse feels like a spark and it's one of the ways Wild Wardens know where they are and safe.


  • In "Loving Memory", Nic Stoneground was chosen at birth to become a Druid, but gave it up for a life of adventure.
  • Rhiannon is the only known Wild Warden of the druids.
  • Some of the Wild Wardens actually spend their whole lives around horses without actually bonding with them.
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