Starshine Legacy: Episode 4

Katja first appears in the game at school, where she insults Alex and challenges her in the Scarecrow hill-race. During the race Katja cheats and through that, she wins. After the race, Katja gives JamesAlex's brother, a kiss that puts a hypnotizing curse on him. Because of Linda making a mental link, Katja tells Alex that James got a new favourite sister and that he's never coming back. But she also says that Alex could be able to get James back, if she gives her her horse Tin-Canat Devil's Gap. When Alex arrives at Devil's Gap and challenges Katja according to Pandoria's ancient codes, Katja lets her fight with Buck. Alex wins, and Katja lets James come back to Alex, but he's still under her curse. Alex later challenges Katja in a race but this time over the Devil's Gapand according to Pandoria's ancient codes. Alex wins and Katja got banned from Jorvik, everything according to Pandoria's laws. Katja and Stalker disappear in a light, but she said that she promises to come back.

Star Stable: The Winter Rider[1]

Star Stable: The Summer Rider[2]

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