Katja is one of Dark Core's Dark Riders. She is the antagonist in Starshine Legacy: The Riddle of Dark Core.


Katja appears in an all white, almost icy blue outfit. She has light skin, and shoulder length white hair with bangs. Her eyes are blue. She wears a white turtleneck with a white coat over it. She wears a white skirt, white knee high socks and white boots.

Star Stable Online

On the second visit to Dark Core, Katja is summoned from the portal. After that, the Dark Riders head to dinner and eat lasagna.

Mr. Sands refers to Katja as the 'nightmare rider', possibly meaning she belongs to the nightmare circle. The person who withholds the powers of this circle can bring someone into a living nightmare. The victim may think they are trapped in this, when it's just a mere illusion. Because she is able to mentally connect with people, it's assumed this circle is the opposite of Linda's.

Soul Riders book series

Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling

A third general arrives in Jorvik via the Hell Portal and gives himself the human name "Katja". She is greeted by Mr. Sands, whom she calls "the chosen one".

Soul Riders: Legend Awakens

Katja helps Mr. Sands imprison Lisa when she tries to free Starshine. She is also present at the imprisonment of Meteor. Later, she rides with the other Dark Riders to Scarecrow Hill to destroy the golden apple, but while chasing the Soul Riders, she rides over an old bridge, which collapses underneath and falls into the abyss.

Soul Riders: Darkness Falling

Katja, like the rest of the Dark Riders, are not human and survives a fall from a bridge. She and the rest of the generals return through the forest to the Dark Core headquarters. On the way, they come across the Soul Riders' camp. Sabine decides to go on, but after a while, she ponders turning back and scaring the Soul Riders. Katja is dissuading her from this idea. She says that she heard Lisa crying for her dad at night and is sure to come with her friends to the Dark Core to save him, and thanks to their powers, Garnok will be released.

Later on the Dark Core platform, along with the other generals, she deprives the Soul Riders and their horses of magical energy with the help of Mr. Sands and the portal Concorde throws the man into at the end of the ritual. Sabine, Jessica and are thrown off the platform into the icy water, but once again emerge unscathed.


  • Katja means "pure" in Greek.
  • She is assumed to be part of the nightmare circle; opposite to that of the moon circle.
  • According to the third part of the Soul Riders series, Katja apparently has ice powers, she is able to shoot ice flames.
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