Kampos is a horse breed available in Star Stable Online.
Meet Tellina and Kampos 🐟🐚😍

Meet Tellina and Kampos 🐟🐚😍


"The swirling seas around the island of Jorvik are teeming with magic and mystery, and from these waters emerge an iridescent horse known as Kampos.
You'll find the serene Kampos in the deepest depths of the ocean, diving underwater in search of hidden treasures on the seabed.
Prolonged swimming in the cool ocean has made Kampos resolute by nature. They are the ideal companions for those who need to keep calm in the face of danger, but this can sometimes be to a fault, as they can be stubborn.
Jorvegian seafarers share fascinating tales of magical sea-horses that only appear when in dire need. In the disastrous event of a shipwreck, the victims that tread the waters often find themselves washed up on the Jorvegian shores completely unscathed.
The last thing they is being pulled out of the seas by a noble iridescent horse, saving them from drowning. They call these horses the Kampos, after the mythological creatures known as the hippocampus.
The origin of these magical hroses is a mystery, but some whisper of a once lush islet off the coast of South-East Jorvik, where magic horses roamed free. Until one tragic day when the land sunk into the ocean, leaving the horses without a home. They say Kampos that have stepped ashore on Jorvik are descendants of the horses from this fabled islet.
Like other Magic Horses in Jorvik, Kampos shows its true colors in wild places and will conceal its appearance in populated areas. Whether in its magical form or disguised to blend in with other horses, Kampos rides just like the Akhal Tekes it most resembles". - Star Stable Online

Color Changing

The Kampos has a special magic that makes it change colors. When In the wild, it changes from its neutral colors to its natural colors. When the horse approaches Jorvik's different villages it regains its more realistic colors. Unlike the Jorvik Wild Horse which gained this ability through Pandoric energy, Kampos' magical ability is entirely its own.

Colors, Pricing, and Location

The Kampos' concept art was shown on SSO's social media accounts on May 15, 2020. On May 26, 2020 an official teaser video was dropped, with date of June 3rd, 2020 given at the time.


Blue/Purple Seahorse to Grullo Pinto

The Kampos was sold by Gary Goldtooth on Fort Pinta's Beach from June 3rd to the 17th of 2020. The breed shares its model with the Gen 3 Akhal-Teke, and because of this, they have the same stats, and price of the hot-blooded breed.

The Kampos is sold for 850 SC and comes in one variation::

  • Natural Color: Blue and purple seahorse-like body with teal fins and tail.
  • Neutral Color: Grullo pinto


  • The term Kampos is of greek origin, meaning “sea monster”, it is part of the greek word hippokampos (hippos, meaning horse) and is the name for a mythological creature from many latin cultures (Phoenician, Etruscan, Pictish, Roman), typically depicted as having the upper body of a horse with the lower body of a fish.
    • The term has been adapted into Hippocampus and is the name for the genus of small marine fish, known as seahorses, which is what the Kampos' body resembles.

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