Kai is a DJ found in the Winter Village during the New Year's festivities.

"Yo I'm Kai, professional DJ, mixing up the tunes here at this party. Do I know you? Maybe not, I mostly perform at venues in Jorvik City."



Kai as she appears in-game

Star Stable Online

In SSO, Kai is a professional DJ, she is very proud and is well versed in the musical groups around Jorvik. She plays venues in Jorvik City most often, but she has currently only been seen in the Winter Village.


The Name Kai has a multitude of meanings depending on the language derived from.

  • In Hawaiian it means "sea"
  • In Chinese it is derived from 凯 (kǎi) meaning "triumph, victory, music of triumph"
  • In Swedish it can be a variant of Kaja, derived from Greek meanings of "each of the two", "my consecration of your name", "torture", or "pure"
  • In Frisian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, or Dutch it is a diminutive of Gerhard, Nicolaas, Cornelis or Gaius. Which could mean "spear" combined with hard meaning "brave, hardy", "victory of the people", "horn", or "to rejoice".


  • She is quite competitive and is not a fan of hobbyist musicians. When she hears about Syntax playing a venue she notes "I'm not gonna let some hobby-DJ one up me."
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