Justin Moorland lives at Moorland Stable, which he helps to run along with his father Thomas. He is the grandson of Jasper (maternal) as well as the Baroness and Mr. Sands (paternal). 



Justin's mother, Catherine, died in childbirth and Justin was raised by his father. During his childhood, he barely knew his maternal grandfather, who blamed Thomas for the death of Catherine. Justin never learned about his paternal grandparents because of this. 

Star Stable Online

When Justin is about 20 years old, he meets a new girl in Moorland Stables and gives her a horse to ride during her time in Jorvik. This girl helps reunite Justin with Old Jasper, and Justin in return teaches her how to jump with her horse. They meet again when the girl delivers a letter from Sabine, which turns out to have been written by Justin's grandfather, Mr. Sands. Very soon thereafter, Justin and Sabine are seen going away by boat, and when he shows up again, he has joined the Dark Riders quest to free Garnok, but gives the player a chance to escape. This causes The Keepers of Aideen to not believe Justin is acting by free will. 

Justin’s old appearance

During the player's second attempt to rescue Justin with the rest of the Soul Riders, Dark Core sees that Justin isn't useful anymore and decide to dump him in the ocean. When the player and their starter horse begin to activate their powers through flight, they manage to catch Justin and safely land on the boat. 

Back on Moorland Beach, Justin returns home but feels that he can't trust himself to be around anyone. He and his father leave for South Hoof Peninsula, and the player tries to reason with him to come back to Moorland. Even after this, he still believes that he's a threat. With this, he decides to leave Jorvik all together. But before leaving, the player takes him to see the wild horses. In doing so, he has a change of heart. 

Returning to Moorland, Justin seeks out help with the Soul Riders, who bring him to the Secret Stone Circle to speak to the Druids. He is put under arrest by them though, because Fripp deems Justin as a "wildcard". The Soul Riders later free him and take him to back South Hoof Peninsula to speak with the Primeval Tree in an attempt to find Concorde. 

After the player awakes the Ancient Tree, it gives Justin the power to seek out Concorde but when the druids attempt to capture him again, they are prevented by the horses of the peninsula.  

Through Justin's help, the player was able to find Concorde at Ydris' Circus, but with the tent being blocked off by a force field. He also discovers that the Bobcat girls went missing because Ydris took them to use in his show. Linda, Justin and the player discover it was actually a labyrinth keeping them out, but due to the player's brave actions, everyone was saved.  


  • Justin is unaware that Loretta has a crush on him.
  • Justin can understand the language of Jor.
  • Justin became a Dark Rider
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