Josh is a race leader who lives at the Starshine Ranch. You can find him seated on his horse Pearl Hart, one of the Generation 3 American Quarter Horses outside the main arena.

Before the introduction of Starshine Ranch Josh could be found at Moorland Stables outside a pole bending race.

Josh could previously still be found at Moorland stables, standing next to a wagon in the direction of the forge. If you clicked on him or his counterpart in Starshine Ranch you could transport instantaneously between the two.


  • Western Games (Barrel racing, pole bending, lap racing and Josh's western race)

Star Stable Online

In the quests with Gary Goldtooth, Josh helped with distracting Scott while Gary, Ash and the player helped free the horse in captivity, Cedar. He revealed that Huck was his second cousin once removed. Josh is quite quick-witted, as he caught on to Ash who almost spoke.


  • Josh appears to look older than he first did before the update which introduced Starshine Ranch.
  • Josh moved to Starshine Ranch on April 8th, 2020.