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Every Wednesday Star Stable Online is updated with new in-game content. The update may contain anything from new story quests to new horses, new clothes or updated game mechanics.

Enter the Goldenleaf Gauntlet!

August 5, 2020

Hello StarFam! It’s time to #ExploreJorvik by heading towards our lovely autumnal Goldenhills Valley!

A brand new race!

Ewa at Goldenleaf Stables is a huge fan of both show jumping and cross country, so she decided to mix the best of both events and set up a special race like nothing Jorvik has ever seen! This race is here to stay for good - and who knows, maybe this is the start for a new branch of equestrianism on Jorvik?

To be able to try this new race, you must be a Star Rider and have finished the quest where you try out the small show jumping course at Goldenleaf Stables after helping Ewa build it.

Enter the Goldenleaf Gauntlet to experience a brand new type of race

Hey there, Tan and Loretta!

Tan and Loretta from the Bobcat Club in Moorland got a small glow up this week! Swing by and check out their new looks!

Video of the week!

Every week we’re sharing one of our fun videos - sometimes a brand new one, sometimes a nostalgic throwback! Here’s the video of the week:

Goldenhills Exploring Jorvik

Goldenhills Exploring Jorvik


Let’s get hyped for some Marwari magic!

Have an awesome week!

Many hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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Welcome to Jorvikipedia! Me and the two other Admins of this site, Lys MacWright, or Nova Greenland (Krittlez) are doing our very best to get the site up and running as fast as we possibly can - and we really appreciate your help! But please, before adding any new categories to the Wiki, ask any of us first if the category will make sense, since we are trying to transfer all the meta we already have back on the Swedish Jorvikipedia. Feel free to ask us about anything!

- Zijena, aka Esmeralda Silverforce

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    Comment: Hi! Just to let you know, this is NOT sso, this is a fanmade site! This site is not official meaning that they cannot make changes to the game, eg....
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    Comment: the ppl who work on this wiki arent actually sso staff, if you want to make a suggestion you should go to star stable support. but i agree with you...
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    Comment: The code: READYSETDRAW still works for me, i have tried it on an alt account and it said "Code redeemed!" and i got it in game.
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    Comment: Yeah I really wish SSO would bring the lusitano JWHs back, because some people didn't have enough star coins to buy them, weren't SR at the time,...
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    Comment: THANK YOU so much guys for putting your time in, this is the best, most up-to-date SSO codes page on the 'net! You've made my lil girl very happy!!!...
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    Summary: Silverglade Acres:
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    Comment: 1. You need to help Helga with her family’s summer house. (May need to be triggered by the “What’s wrong with the lake?” quest given by Mr. Andersson...

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