The Jorvik Warmblood is a horse breed available in Starshine Legacy and Star Stable Online.


Date Development
September 25, 2011 Swedish servers for Star Stable Online are launched. G1 Jorvik Warmblood is the only horse available to players in the game and they can only have one they started with.[1]
June 20, 2012 Worldwide servers for Star Stable Online are launched. The G1 Jorvik Warmblood is the only horse available to players in the game and they can only have one they started with.[2]
July 12, 2017 The G1 JWB model is updated to the G1.5 model.[3]
October 25, 2018 An image and article posted on SSO's social media and news page announce that the G1.5 JWB model will be updated to a unique G3 model.[4] [5]
November 1, 2018 A teaser video of the G3 Model is released on SSO's social media. A release date of November 7th is given at this time.[6]
November 7, 2018 The G1.5 JWB model is updated to the G3 model. The coat colors and mane colors remain the same albeit with updated and cleaner texture files. A new option is given to players to be able to pay change their starter JWB's colors at will.[7]
February 1, 2019 A trailer is dropped on SSO's social media for purchasable versions of the G3 JWB model that are separate from the player's starter version. A release date of February 13 is given at this time.[8]
February 13, 2019 Four variations of the purchasable G3 JWB are added to the game.[9]
July 17, 2019 Four additional variations of the purchasable G3 JWB are added to the game.[10]
June 5, 2024 The Jorvik Warmblood was retrofitted, it can now wear any piece of tack available in Star Stable Online


Starter Version[]

"When Jon Jarl came to Jorvik, he brought some fine horses with him. During the storm, one of his stallions and a mare ran away to the forest. That pair of horses became the ancestors of the breed that is today called the Jorvik Warmblood. The Jorvik Warmbloods are known of their calm temperament and easy nature, which makes them well-known as a perfect horse for the beginners."

Purchasable Version[]

"On the island of Jorvik, where horses are celebrated like nowhere else on Earth, no variety is quite so beloved as the Jorvik Warmblood.

No one can quite pin down when or even if the Jorvik Warmblood became a distinct breed. They show more variety in coat than any other recognized variety. In 1972, the breeder Hamish Sunfield attempted put forward a studbook for the breed, only to be met with by his fellow Jorvegians. The Jorvik Warmblood is just 'a good horse!' To try and refine it any more is missing the point, they argued.

What everyone can agree with is that when you're riding a Jorvik Warmblood, you can 'feel' it. The bond they share with their rider is just a little bit different from other horses. This might sound like local superstition to the rest of the world, but Jorvegians know better. Trace a Jorvik Warmblood's ancestry back far enough and you're certain to find a little Jorvik Wild in the bloodline.

The Jorvik Warmblood is the quintessential pleasure horse. Sure-footed, clever and imminently agreeable, they're the Jack-of-all-trades of the horse world suited for all manner of competition or just hacking about. In adopting a Jorvik Warmblood, you're not just getting a horse - you're getting a friend for life."

Unique Features[]


Four hairstyles can be purchased for the Jorvik Warmblood at the Horse Stylist.

  • Button Braids
  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long

Colors, Pricing, and Location[]

Starter Version[]

The Starter Jorvik Warmblood is freely given to the player when they join the game and the player is able to customize this horse however they'd like. The player may choose between 15 coat colors and 10 mane colors, which can give a total of 150 different variations of the horse.

Because horse colors are defined by genes and a combination of mane and body colors, the colors named here will not be congruent with real horse coat colors, but instead will be named on a base color and any noticeable markings.

Body Colors Mane Colors

Purchasable Version[]

The purchasable Jorvik Warmbloods cost 750 star coins.

The eight variations can all be found at Crescent Moon Village.

Note: These new Jorvik Warmbloods can't replace your original starter/soul version.

  • Bay Pinto
  • Black
  • Blue Roan
  • Chestnut Pinto
  • Liver Chestnut
  • Palomino Pintaloosa
  • Sooty Buckskin
  • Sooty Buckskin Spotted Blanket

Unreleased Colors[]

Note: These coats have not been confirmed by Star Stable on any official sources. As such, there is no guarantee these coats will ever be available to players.

These coats were leaked and shown on Instagram along with other later released coats of the Jorvik Warmblood in July of 2019. [11]

  • Chestnut
  • Cremello


  • The Starter Version of the Jorvik Warmblood is the only fully customizable horse in Star Stable Online.
  • The Jorvik Warmblood is the only horse breed which the player must own, and it's impossible to sell the first one acquired.
  • Players often call the Jorvik Warmblood the "starter horse," since it is the first horse they can acquire. SSO has since adopted this term for the breed.
  • The "starter horse," the first horse you receive when starting the game, is a Starbreed.
  • When the Jorvik Warmblood jumped, there was a glitch where the right front leg twisted inward. This was patched sometime in October 2021.
  • The Jorvik Warmblood is the only G3 breed that has mirrored (a texture that is identical on both sides of a model) coats. SSO mentions in replies on their social media that this was an intentional design choice as the original models had mirrored textures. [12]


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