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"Open to the public. Everyone is welcome to train and compete with their horse."

Jorvik Stables Arena is the great arena of the Jorvik Stables. It is surrounded by bleachers and is located to the north of the stables.


14th Century - The Jorvik Stables Arena was where the national assembly was held, dating back to 1306 specifically.

Starshine Legacy

The area does not have an official name in the games, but the big competitions in the end of both Episode 1 and 2 takes place here.

Star Stable: The Autumn Rider

The arena lays north of Jorvik Stables but is neither named or used in any way in the game.

Star Stable Online

The arena lays on a lower level than the Jorvik Stables and is almost as big as the Riding Hall.


A small Star Store is located between the bleachers