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Herman has been running Jorvik's successful and famous stables for many years. The stables have a rich history and are referred to as the Royal stables, even though Jorvik has been a modern democracy for a long time.

Star Stable Online

The Jorvik Stables seen from the east in Star Stable Online

The Jorvik Stables is one of Jorvik's most famous stables and is located in the Harvest Counties, right west of Jarlaheim. The stables are owned by Herman.


1871 - An earthquake which shook the entire island destroyed the original stable which was built in Jon Jarl's days.

Starshine Legacy

The stables are owned by Herman and Lisa, Linda, Alex, and Anne all have their horses stabled there.

Star Stable: The Autumn Rider

The player starts out in the Jorvik Stables and learns how to ride and care for their horse.

Star Stable Online

Jorvik Stables is the stable located next to Jarlaheim in Harvest Counties. It contains Herman's house, a stable with three horses, two paddocks with some horses, a small paddock and a big arena. There are two races at Jorvik Stables; the Jorvik stables Elite competition and the Jorvik Stables Competition.


  • Jorvik Stables is JS for short, the same as Jorvik Shillings.
  • Jorvik Stables is home to the Bulldogz.