The game map from Starshine Legacy

Jorvik is the mysterious island on which the games Starshine Legacy, Star Academy, Star Stable and Star Stable Online take place. While the older games Starshine Legacy, Star Academy, and Star Stable seem to use the same 'Jorvik', Star Stable Online has expanded upon the island of Jorvik and has added many new and different regions and settlements to the island.

Game Appearances[]

Starshine Legacy[]

The Starshine Legacy games seem to take place in similar areas, usually around the school that the main characters attend and Jorvik Stables, as well as the Dark Core base.

Star Academy[]


Original Star Stable Games[]

The original Star Stable games (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter Riders) each take place in different regions of Jorvik, during different seasons.

Star Stable Online[]

Current Completed Map

Older Full Map

In Star Stable Online, Jorvik has been expanded upon, and players are not restricted to any one region unless said region is locked or the player is not a Star Rider, in which case they are restricted to Moorland and Fort Pinta.

The Jorvik in Star Stable Online does not seem to contain any of the locations or settlements previously featured in its prequels besides Jorvik Stables and Dark Core's Oil Rig (however, both locations seem to have been edited heavily in contrast to their original counterparts).


Full Map January 2022

However, the Jorvik in Star Stable Online vaguely appears like the one featured in the original Star Stable maps, albeit being far more larger. The game also adds some new locations in the previously established areas, such as Starshine Ranch.

Jorvik City much more closely resembles the original map from the Starshine Legacy games.

In Star Stable Online, horses are also believed to have close ties to Jorvik, as well as Jorvik gaining its own legend as a backstory (which, later in the game, this legend will make far more sense).

Soul Riders Book Series[]

Näyttökuva (28)
  • Volume 1: Jorvik Calling
  • Volume 2: The Legend Awakens
  • Volume 3: Darkness Falling


  • Jon Jarl was said to be the first settler to find Jorvik, however the druids are assumed to have been the natives.
  • In the book Jorvik Calling, it is said that the island is located between Iceland, Norway, and the British Isles.