Jessica is one of Dark Core's Dark Riders. She is the antagonist in Starshine Legacy: Legend of Pandoria.

Star Stable: The Winter Rider

In The Winter Rider Jessica appears in a paddock near the Meander stables, claiming she really loves show jumping. After the introduction was made, she allowed the player to proceed and try the race, she often gets hay for the horses by Eric Lowe.

Starshine Legacy: Legend of Pandoria

Jessica tries to win the same modeling place in Glamour no. 5 as Anne, and therefore i.e. destroys Anne's pictures. Later, Jessica is watching Anne showing off together with Concorde at the Jorvik Stables. After the show Jessica pats Concorde, and thereby sends his soul to Pandoria. From the visit to the stables it also becomes apparent that Jessica is not a horse lover.

Later in the game, Derek and Anne discover that Jessica and her companions have stolen many of pictures that Derek took on Anne with his special camera. Jessica plans to use the pictures to take control over Anne and Concorde. But when she opens a portal to Garnok's ship, Anne appears. Concorde kicks in Jessica and Mr. Sands into the portal and sends them back to Garnok's ship.

Star Stable: The Autumn Rider

In The Autumn Rider Jessica suddenly is a talented horse girl, and has completely changed from the girl who did not like animals in Starshine Legacy. Jessica drives the cross country race by the Firgrove Village, and at first, does not believe in the player's talent. She changes her mind after the player completes the race, and afterwards shows a softer side when she helps an injured bird.

Star Stable: The Summer Rider

In The Summer Rider, Jessica can be found in a paddock on an island next to Herman Castle, where she teaches the player pole bending.

Star Stable Online

The player sees Jessica on Dark Core's oil platform when she searches after Justin. It becomes clear then that Jessica is one of the Dark Riders. Jessica and Sabine were responsible for shutting in Lisa in Pandoria, and she was also present at the waking of the Sleeping Widow, where she was scared away by Lisa.


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