James Cloudmill is Alex Cloudmill's little brother. In Star Stable Online, he is in charge of Fort Pinta and is always trying to find new ways earn money. James used to be in charge of the Fort Pinta Riding Track but it was replaced by Sindra's Fort Pinta's Scenic Circuit. He is in charge of the famous Toy Postcards with Token.

Star Stable Online[]

James is in charge of Fort Pinta and has very little memory of what happened with Katja a few years prior. During the Winter Festivities in 2020, James sold tickets to four different snow pens, ranging from 1 to 1000 Jorvik Shillings. Although he claims that the snow is real, the suspicious bags in the back of the largest pen says otherwise.

James' bully Buck appears in Fort Pinta during the interval between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 of the Token Quests and makes rude remarks on James' Toy Postcards. However, Buck is interrupted by his romantic interest Rin who praises Token's Adventures instead which causes Buck to feel ashamed and apologise to James. James reveals that he is always optimistic about his future regardless of his current situation which pushed him through his past struggles.

Journal entry[]

Don't let the fact that he looks like a kid fool you! James is the self-declared "mayor" of bustling vacation destination Fort Pinta. Even tough he has a hand in every business venture in town, he never seems to have a shilling to his name. There's something about James that makes it hard to say "no" to him, no matter how crazy the scheme.

James is Alex's little brother. While the two are extremely close, Alex is very protective of him and tries to keep him out of her Soul Rider adventures.


James gives the player daily quests every Wednesday.

  • New Photographs
  • More Fort Pinta Posters!
  • Save The Buoys!


  • James was born on the 2nd of June, falling under the Gemini sign.