Idun Goldspur is the wife of Angus and lives at Goldspur's Farm together with her husband, father-in-law as well as four children.


Idun is a sturdily built, kind, middle-aged woman with light skin and blonde hair tied into a pair of braids. She wears a baggy, short-sleeved, red, peasant blouse with white trim, and a red shin length skirt, belted with a yellow piece of fabric. she wears a pair of black shoes with ankle high, black socks.


Idun as she appears in-game


Idun is the modern Scandinavian form of Iðunn, which is derived from the Old Norse "again" and unna "to love". This was also the name of the norse goddess Iðunn who is was the goddess of spring and immortality, and in charge of guarding the gods' apples of youth.


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