Hrafnfaxa vom Schwanenteich is Lily Bones horse in Star Stable Online.

She is a black Icelandic horse, with no discernible markings.

Lilly + Hrafnfaxa

Lily and Hrafnfaxa


Hrafnfaxa vom Schwanenteich has a three part meaning:

  • Hrafnfaxa is Icelandic for "raven-mane"
  • Von is a noble denoting title usually meaning "of" or "from"
  • Schwanenteich means "Swan Lake" in german
    • So all together her name means "Raven Maned of Swan Lake."


  • Lily auditioned with Hrafnfaxa to have her play the role of Tintoretto in the Canter Ella Movie, despite Hrafnfaxa, being a mare.
    • In reality Lily only auditioned to annoy the Bobcat Girls.
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