Horse island

The Horse Island was a feature on Star Stable Online. The function let the player send their horses on holiday for a fixed price, where the horse's mood was kept at a steady level. Horse Island had to be used if the player owned more than ten horses.

When MyStable was released, the Horse Island was removed and replaced with a pasture.


Before the MyStable Update, the player could have up to ten horses in their Home Stable. If necessary, the player could use the bulletin board to send selected horses to Horse Island. It was possible to send an unlimited number of horses to Horse Island as long as there was at least one horse left in the home stable. This function let the player own an unlimited number of horses. A horse could be picked up from Horse Island at any time. Horses going to Horse Island brought along their equipment so players would have needed to take the tack off if they wanted to use it while the horse was away.



Budget holiday[]

"Your horse will get proper food and exercise. It'll get an ordinary stable spot and an access to a likable garden. You'll get it back in a indifferent mood." The budget holiday will cost you 495 Jorvik Shillings or 9 Star Coins.


Luxury holiday[]

"Your horse will receive anything it points it's hooves to. The best food, the finest garden, nothing is good enough at this holiday. You'll get your horse back in its finest mood." The Luxury holiday will cost you 129 Star Coins.


  • Horse Island is actually located off the coast of Mountains of Jor and is yet to be released without sending your horse there.