Hillcrest, sometimes spelled Hill Crest, was the name of a small village and a stable located in Jorvik.

Star Stable: The Autumn Rider

The village of Hillcrest was built on top of a mountain and consisted of a few white houses facing each other. Camilla Turnstone researched different types of grass in her house next to the stable.


Hillcrest stable

The stable consisted of four open boxes and was operated by Monica. The stable had four different horse breeds for sale.

Star Stable Online

The player hears from Mr. Kembell that the village was destroyed during one of G.E.D.s projects.

Both the old and the new version of Hillcrest can be found in Epona -- Old Hillcrest has been replaced by a construction site for new luxury apartments, and New Hillcrest is a modern village with roads of asphalt and small houses.


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