Mr. Herman is the owner of the Jorvik Stables. Herman's last name is Wetten.

Even though he is not a Druid, Mr. Herman has the ability to identify Starbreeds by following a specific method known as 'Wild Whispering'. When the player finishes all the quests, Herman is seen standing in Valedale Village talking to Syntax.


Herman has white hair, however has bald and has hair on the sides and back. He has the back grown out and wears it in a short ponytail. He has light skin and brown eyes. He wears a green t-shirt with a black leather vest on top which he leaves open, it has silver buttons and pockets. He wears blue jeans and brown-orange sneakers with white laces.

Herman at Valedale in Star Stable Online

Star Stable Online

The residents of Jarlaheim first tells the player that Herman was on vacation and Stein later reveals that Herman was hiding in his house from Jack to work on a new project. The player uses a "secret" knock to bring Herman out of his house and recommend him to take Jack's position as Mayor. Herman declines the offer, saying that he needed to find out what about the big, secret GED project. He trusts the player and reveals that he has been trying to find the missing Mayor Evelyn but so far has found no proof. He states that he finds the GED collecting samples and minerals around the Jarlaheim and Ms. Drake's elusiveness to him, suspicious. Herman sends the player as a double agent to spy on Ms. Drake's plans. The player finds that the GED could not uncover any minerals, so Herman sets up a plan to hide "worthless" pebbles around the exploration sites to trick them.

Later on, Syntax reveals that the GED have been trying to extract the dangerous mineral known as Drakonium. Mrs. X sends the player to find Silencia to spy on Ms. Drake and Darko who was speaking on behalf of Mr. Sands. They agreed in a contract involving Dark Core to provide the mining equipment as well as sacrificing Herman, while the GED gives them 60% of their raw Drakonium. As part of the plan to save Herman, Mrs. X sends Silencia and player borrow a GED construction uniform from Billy Bulldozer making an excuse that it was for a play with Thalia. Using the roadblocks that Billy also lended to Silencia, they blocked the bridge towards Moorland from Wolf Hall Inn. The player gets Herman out of the van and rides him to Epona who are met by CHILL. Herman leaves right away after hearing that he was being taken to Dark Core.

He was seen at Elizabeth's memorial.


  • G.E.D and Dark Core have made repeated attempts onto capturing Mr. Herman.
  • He's the second person to have the gift, Wild Whispering, following Rhiannon.
  • His mission is to find out what G.E.D's plan is.
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