Mr. Herman is the owner of the Jorvik Stables.

Even though he is not a Druid, Mr. Herman has the ability to identify Starbreeds by following a specific method known as 'Wild Whispering'.


Herman has white hair, however has balded and has hair on the sides and back. He has the back grown out and wears it in a ponytail. He has light skin and brown eyes. He wears a green t-shirt with a black leather vest on top which he leaves open, it has silver buttons and pockets. He wears blue jeans and orange sneakers with white laces.


  • G.E.D and Dark Core have made repeated attempts onto capturing Mr. Herman.
  • He's the second person to have the gift, Wild Whispering, following Rhiannon.
  • His mission is to find out what G.E.D's plan is.
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