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Heidrun is a fictional horse breed available in Star Stable Online.


Date Development
November 26, 2020 A teaser image of the Heidrun is released on SSO's social media accounts.
November 27, 2020 The Heidrun appears in a video on SSO's Social media, advertising the Christmas Event.
November 30, 2020 A Trailer of the Heidrun, along with the other winter exclusive Magic horses, is dropped on SSO's Social Media.
December 2, 2020 The Heidrun is added to the game for a limited time during the Christmas event.
December 1, 2021 The Heidrun is added to the game for a limited time during the Christmas event.


"The mountain ranges of Jorvik area mysterious place, with steep summits, profound gorges, and pockets of hidden valleys. Few animals thrive in this rocky environment, one of them being the legendary horse known as Heidrun.

With deft hooves and agile limbs, Heidrun scales the Mountains of Jo r with the ease of a mountain goat. Preferring the fresh air of higher elevations, Heidrun has made a home in the ranges. If you're lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this mythical creature, chances  are its from a great distance.

The snow leopard-like spots on Heidrun 's coat blend them into the stony rock faces, allowing them to slink about the mountains undetected. This gives them the advantage to do what they do best: protect the other wild animals from danger.

Being a lone wolf of the mountains, Heidrun finds it hard to get along with humans and other animals. But what they Lack in amiability, they make up for tenfold in loyalty and audaciousness.

Magic Horses on Jorvik are creatures of stories and Folklore. As the tales are passed down over the ages, the legends of these horses have been kept alive.

Like other Magic Horses in Jorvik, Heidrun shows its true colors in wild places and will conceal its appearance in populated areas. Whether in its magical Form or disguised to blend in with other horses, Heidrun rides just like the Curly Horse it most resembles."

Unique Features

Color Changing

The Heidrun is a magical horse with the special ability to change colors. When the player presses the "h" key or the magic horse icon on the horse's character sheet, the horse will change from its neutral colors to its natural (magic) colors and vice versa. The horse will not change colors during races or while the player is unmounted.

The Curly Shuffle

As the Heidrun shares its model with the Gen 3 Curly Horse, it can perform their special gate called the "Curly Shuffle." To make your horse do the Curly Shuffle, the horse must be walking. The player then must hold down the Shift key and then simultaneously hit either the up arrow or the 'w' key. The Heidrun will then begin to perform the special gait. During the Curly Shuffle, the horse cannot move to a faster gait or jump. To stop shuffling, simply slow your horse down like you would with any other.

Colors, Pricing, and Location

Grey Leopard to Grullo Splashed White

The Heidrun is sold for 850 SC and can be purchased during Christmas in the Winter Village. It comes in one variation.

Note: This horse is released for limited periods of time and is not always in the game.

  • Natural Color: Grey Leopard with Goat Horns
  • Neutral Color: Grullo Splashed White


  • Heidrun, like most other Magic Horses, cannot have it's hairstyle changed.
  • The Heidrun uses the G3 Curly Horse model.
  • The Heidrun is based off of the Heiðrún of Norse mythology. She is a Goat who eats the leaves of the tree of life and produces mead instead of milk for those brought to Valhalla.

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