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The Haflinger is a horse breed available in Star Stable Online, and Star Stable Horses.


Date Development
April 2, 2017 A teaser trailer of the Haflinger is posted to SSO's social media accounts. A release date of April 5, 2017 given at the time.
April 5, 2017 Three variations of the Haflinger are added to the game.
April 12, 2017 Three variations of the Haflinger are added to the Star Stable Horses app.
December 13, 2017 An additional variation of the Haflinger is added to the game.


"The Haflinger horse a is small, kind and calm horse form the Tyrol Mountains in southern Austria. The horse was named after the village Hafling and is characterized by its bay-colored body and light-colored mane.

The Haflinger was initially a strong and patient working horse but the modern breed is a popular all-round horse, used for most types of equestrian sport. The calm and stable temperament also makes it an excellent family horse.

The Haflinger is used to the steep alpine environment and doesn't mind the snow and cold."

Unique Features


Five hairstyles can be purchased for the Haflinger at the Horse Stylist.

  • Default
  • Button Braids
  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long

Colours, Pricing, and Location

The Haflinger is sold for 810 SC. The four variations can be found in the following locations:

Star Stable Horses

Three Haflingers are available in Star Stable Horses. The fully raised foals can be bought for 810 SC.

  • Dapple Flaxen Chestnut Pangare
  • Dapple Liver Flaxen Chestnut
  • Light Flaxen Chestnut


  • While some Haflingers can be so pale that they appear Palomino, purebreds do not carry the cream gene that causes Palomino pigmentation and so Haflingers are always considered Chestnut in color.

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