Four strikingly powerful horse statues look down upon visitors to the dale from on high. A fifth statue was said to have existed, but it seems someone blew it up by accident.

Star Stable Online

Gaurdian dale
Guardian's Dale is located in Epona.

Star Stable Online

After talking with Evergray, the exiled druid takes Lisa and the player to the Dale and tells them they can use this portal to get back to Pandoria. Once there he allows the player and Lisa to explore the place. He shows them a tablet transcripts of a prophecy:

Guardians of Pandoria's Fate
Return to us one day.
The four will up open the gate
And the fifth will show the way.

— On the tablet

He references the four statues to the four guardians and that the fifth statue held a keystone was to "point the way". Once a new Pandorian Keystone has been made everyone heads back to the Dale and when there the player hears Elizabeth and Evergray talking and when the player hears of Catherine, Elizabeth replies saying it will be another time. When Lisa and the others arrive she also finds Derrick here and Concorde getting antsy that's when everyone figures out she and Concorde in another lifetime bonded souls 30 years ago. Then with the riders in their places and saying the right phrases, everyone watches as the Soul Riders leave for Pandoria to rescue Anne. However in rescuing her the group discovers that Alex isn't here and with the portal being unstable Elizabeth and the player leave to rescue her while looks on in concorn. Not wanting to give up Lisa sings "I'll Be There" hoping it would guide the others back home and once the portals opens again they see Alex and the player return.


Starshine statue

Starshine's Statue (lit up) in the Dale.

  • The four horses flanking the dale represent the four Soul Rider's horses.
    • Starshine is represented by the unicorn statue on the left
    • Meteor is represented by the bearded statue on the left
    • Tin-Can is represented by the statue with the lightning mane on the right
    • Concorde is represented by the pegasus statue on the right.
    • The fifth statue, in the center of the dale, that is destroyed is most likely a representation of the player character's horse.
  • According to Evergray the gate was made by the Pandorian's long ago.
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