Goldenhills Valley is an old county at the far west of the Northern mountain range.

Star Stable Online

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Goldenhills Valley is a large area located in the northwest of South New Jorvik County. Goldenhills Valley's distinctive characteristic is its golden, autumn-coloured trees and beautiful landscape. The region is located through the North Iron Gate, which is located north of the Baroness' Riding Arena. Goldenhills Valley was the first region to be added to Star Stable Online’s map as an expansion, being released in 2012.


Goldenhills Valley has an autumn-themed landscape. It has orange, golden and purple colored trees, as well as mushrooms in different colors growing throughout the area.


Goldenhills Valley official teaser

Released 7th of June, 2012

Cape West Fishing Village, which is the only village in the area, looks, as the name suggests like a fishing village. The village contains many houses as well as a dock for fishing, which includes a large ship for sailormen.

The only stable in the region is Goldenleaf Stable. The stable is big and red colored. It includes a paddock with small jumping obstacles, a pasture a shop, a hotel and two race tracks. You can also buy several horses here.


  • The South Iron Gate is supposed to be closed during the winter as told by the quests, but it is always open after the quests are done.
  • People tend to claim that in order to reach unlocking Golden Hills you need reputation with Silverglade Equestrian Center. This is false information, the quest which unlocks Goldenhills is reached eventually in storyline, no matter of your standings with any reputation faction.
  • The quest that officially allows you to unlock Goldenhills Valley is called "The Key is Ready".