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Global Energy Domination, more commonly known as G.E.D., is a company owned by Mr. Kembell. G.E.D. has attempted many different things in order to boost its profit, much to the chagrin of everyone around it. Everything G.E.D. tries to do has the common theme of ruining something important to the people around it or the environment, which is the main reason for why the player has repeatedly thwarted G.E.D.'s business plans.

G.E.D. related locations

G.E.D. has several different locations related to it scattered throughout Jorvik.

The first G.E.D related location in the game encountered by the player is found in the Moorland sub-region. It is the G.E.D. Construction Site and is located above Moorland Stables and behind Old Man Jasper's House on top of a hill overlooking the stables. There is a huge billboard advertising the apartments that G.E.D. was going to build on top of Moorland Stables.

Later, the player will find the Everwind Oil Fields by the Baroness' Racetrack. After completing some quests, the area will become defunct, however, it will still remain in the game world.

Other G.E.D locations are GED Exploration Station Gamma, GED Exploration Station Delta, GED Exploration station Beta, and GED Exploration Station Alpha. They are all part of the questline with Ms. Drake and the new G.E.D. office in Jarlaheim.

For a short amount of time, G.E.D. appeared in Mistfall to harvest the spring water for their new Go Water product.

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Currently, G.E.D. has settled in between Jarlaheim and Epona on a mountainous area known as Old Hillcrest. They have built a large fenced in 'base' of sorts there, and a layer of smog covers the area. Inside, the player will see a few construction-related machinery, partly-constructed buildings that vaguely look like apartments of some sort, and many G.E.D. workers.


  • It is the first antagonistic group of characters that the player encounters in the game.