Garnok is an evil, extraterrestrial monster who seeks world domination. He has never been seen by someone outside of his inner circles, but he is believed to be an octopus-like monster.

Although it has been said he is a creature, Ydris, and workers of Dark Core have given different information. Instead, they claim that he is a Pandoric power that bubbles beneath the surface of the earth. The mission of Dark Core is to tame this power and use it to form a Jorvegian empire that will bring great wealth and respect.

Starshine Legacy[]

Garnok originally comes from another solar system. Thousands of years ago, Fripp and the guards would transport Garnok and his henchmen to the end of the universe as punishment for all the terrible crimes he had committed. On the way there, some of his henchmen broke loose, causing the ship to crash-land in the sea off Jorvik. He has since been imprisoned in the spaceship. His generals work to unleash him, and Mr. Sands uses the Dark Core company as a cover for this.

During Episode 4, he manages to get his tentacles up above sea level and tries to capture Alex and Tin-Can as they compete against Katja and Stalker.

Star Stable Online[]

Garnok is still in Pandoria, and Mr. Sands, along with the Dark Riders, tried to free him. Many of Jorvik's inhabitants seem to know about Garnok, but mostly see him as a fairy tale for small children.

The Soul Riders, Fripp and the Druids learn that the Dark Riders are planning to use the Light Book of Ceremony's Power to strengthen him.

After the player's first failed attempt to rescue Anne from Pandoria, Darko gets wind of the Soul Riders' actions and commands while Garnok uses his tentacles to stop the player. Despite the player's escape, Garnok's tentacles reached into the Secret Stone Circle where he and Darko attempted to capture everyone but was forced out of the sacred area by Fripp.

During the player's exploits to rescue Concorde, Ydris' powers weaken enough for Garnok to reach his way into Jorvik. After the player destroys the pandoric clock, the magician uses his powers to stop the monster. The Keepers of Aideen also fought to protect Jorvik from Garnok.


  • When used by the Soul Riders, the Light Book of Ceremony's Power can stop Garnok, but it can be used to strengthen him when done in reverse and by Dark Riders.