Galloper Thompson's Horse is a Jorvik Wild Horse ridden by Galloper Thompson.


The Horse appears as a large black Jorvik Wild Horse, with a fiery orange mane, tail and feathers. It's bright orange eyes have a red sclera and sport a soft orange glow.

The horse sports unique tack including a Medieval, Y-shaped, Baroque styled, War bridle, an english saddle with orange spikes in the back of the seat and bat shaped flaps, a tattered red riding blanket, and two small pumpkins hanging from the seat of the saddle.



According to some of the ghosts at Galloper's Keep, the man who would become Galloper Thompson was shunned by all horses ─ all but this mare. It is said he brought her from the east and that she posessed no trace of Aideen's Light, which made the druids of Jorvik take her away from Thompson. He presumably went after them and reunited with his horse after getting a revenge on the druids.


  • Galloper Thompson's Horse was the first black and orange Jorvik Wild Horse ever seen in-game, as the version players could buy was not released until two years later.
  • Galloper Thompson's Horse only appears during Halloween.
  • Galloper Thompson's Horse's Baroque bridle is unique in that there are no other bridles of its type sold in the game, and is not obtainable by the player.
  • Galloper Thompson’s horse doesn’t change color unlike normal Jorvik Wild Horses.
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