Galloper's Keep

Galloper's Keep is an area only accessible during the Halloween Event. It is one of the few areas accessible by all players.


In the October 24, 2018 update, the Keep was added as a brand new area for Halloween activities. The Keep released new quests and races in a compact area, so players would not have to travel all around Jorvik to complete quests.[1]

The Keep returned for the 2019 event as well.[2]

It also returned for the 2020 event, this time without the ghosts which gave Soul Shards. They were replaced by Vortexes in Jorvik. There was also a new portal introduced which leads to the Haunted Trail Ride, and a new island housing the Tower of Regrets in which Galloper Thompson was imprisoned.[3]

In the 2021 event, it returned, with no major changes from the previous year.[4]

In the 2022 event, the cauldron was overhauled: instead of throwing in Soul Shards, now the player could find items around the Keep to throw in. This year, the portals started off closed, needing Soul Shards to unlock and use them. The sitting area on the main island was moved onto a new island, accessible from the top level of the main tower.[5]



The Keep is a dark and spooky set of small islands floating in the sky with no apparent ground underneath and is surrounded by perpetual fog and nightfall. The large main island connecting the smaller islands appears as a broken-down castle tower of black stone bricks. Within the middle of this island is a large cauldron. Galloper Thompson and his horse can be seen watching over the tower from the top floor. Northeast of the main island lies a small stable where the player can purchase the Halloween magical horses and pets. There are multiple other small islands: the island with the portal back to Jorvik, the island with the Tower of Regrets and the pumpkin collecting minigame portal, and another island that is accessible from the main tower with areas to sit down.


The Halloween shops that formerly popped up in Jorvik can now be found in the Keep around the cauldron; however, these ones are run by ghosts. Players can purchase Halloween items such as masks, clothing, and horse tack from them. Autumn Tokens can be traded to the large pumpkin next to one of the shops.



Galloper Thompson[]

Galloper Thompson can be found atop his horse, looking over the cauldron on the second floor of the keep. He does not interact with the player directly outside of quests, but demonstrates the use of the cauldron before players use it.

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The Ghosts of Galloper's Keep appear as humanoid white transparent specters. The ghosts from 2018 to 2020 died in a way that they cannot find rest as their Soul Shard still remains in the mortal realm of Jorvik. They gave players hints to the locations of their shards so that they could move on and no longer be tethered to Galloper's realm. In 2020 and the following years, these ghosts are no longer present and were replaced by the Vortexes in Jorvik. However, other ghosts can still be found, such as Kasper and Karin who both help the player in the Keep. Another ghost resident is The Tormented One, who gives the player the Galloper's Gambit quest.


Keep portal

To access Galloper's Keep, players must have finished the quest where Justin Moorland gives them a brush, a hoof pick, and a bucket. After that, green portals surrounded by a large stone arch and fog will be placed in practically every major area in Jorvik. Players simply have to run into the portal to be transported to the Keep.


The 2022 Halloween event introduced a new mechanic: throwing items into the cauldron in the main tower in exchange for other items such as powders, clothing and horse tack, items from the Haunted Trail Ride, or rarely a pet. These items can be found around the Keep, changing locations every day. These include: Moss, Ghost Goo, Spider Eggs, Horse Hair, Ash, Wiggly Worm, Bee Balm, Rubia, Chamomile, and Soul Shards. In order to throw the items into the cauldron, the player must first complete Karin's daily quest to get it working again. Then, they can throw whichever items (three at a time) that they want, rewarding two items each time. Moss, Bee Balm, Rubia, and Chamomile found on Jorvik can also be used, they do not need to be collected from the Keep. The Soul Shards are obtained from the Vortexes or randomly in the Keep or its races and trail ride. The items, except for the Soul Shards, respawn upon leaving and entering the Keep again.


  • If a player jumps into the cauldron, they will be spit out and thrown to the upper level of the Keep.
  • Although the cauldron can typically only be used once per hour, if the player goes into their closet then it resets and can be used again.
  • According to Kasper in the introduction tour, the island with the Tower of Regrets is called Tower Isle, and the sitting area island is called the Island of the Hopeful.
    • On the Island of the Hopeful, the unlit candles can be lit if interacted with. However, they burn out again quickly. Also on this island is a hint for where to find the Sky Soul Bauble (used on the Haunted Trail Ride): if the player interacts with a bird nest on the small island connecting the island to the main tower, a raven ghost will fly out of it. When the player follows it to the island, it can be interacted with for the hint.


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