The Friesian Horse is a horse breed available in Star Stable: The Spring Rider and Star Stable Online.


"The Friesian Horse descends from an ancient bloodline that is thought to stretch all the way back to the ice age. The breed developed as a workhorse but became popular as a warhorse in the Middle Ages. Today the Friesian Horse is a popular and well-loved family horse with a great personality." - Star Stable Online

Star Stable World - Friesian Horse

Star Stable World - Friesian Horse

Colours, Pricing, and Location

The original old models were released on June 12, 2013.

The 3 new models with new animations were released on July 6, 2016.

Old Models

There are three different Friesian horses of the old model, all in varying shades of black. They can all be found at the horse market, for 790 Star Coins.       

  • Blue-Black       
  • Brown-Black       
  • Metallic Black     

New Models

The new model Friesians are 990 star coins and can be bought at Steve's Farm.       

  • Blue-Black       
  • Brown-Black       
  • Smokey Black
Old Models New Models
  • Blue-Black (Old Model)
  • Brown-Black (Old Model)
  • Metallic Black
  • Blue-Black (New Model)
  • Brown-Black (New Model)
  • Smokey Black


  • The Friesian is one of the few draft breeds in SSO that can have leg wraps equipped.
  • The Friesian gets it's name from the province of Friesland (also known as Frisia) in the Netherlands, where the breed originated.
  • Friesians have extremely strict breed regulations and as such, they do not come in any other colour except black with minor exceptions for markings (such as a small star on the forehead, but this is undesirable and actively discouraged form being bred into lines). Any other colors can only be found in Friesian Sport Horses, Friesian crosses and part-breeds.
    • In some extremely rare instances, chestnuts can be registered into American registries (provided lineage can be traced back to a qualified stallion) though this is undesirable, is actively discouraged from being bred into pure lines, and is usually a result of heavy inbreeding due to such a small gene pool.
  • Friesians were the first horses to be given a new model and new animations in SSO.
  • When Frida Frog was added to the game on May 1st, 2019, there was a bug with Friesians. If the player equipped leg wraps on them, they would turn invisible and only their manes and tails would show. This has since been fixed.
  • In Dark Star, the old model is not for sale anymore. In all the others servers are in the Ferdinand's horse market. Is unknown why they aren't on only that server.

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