Firgrove Village is situated next to the mountains.

Star Stable Online

Firgrove Village is a village located in the area of Firgrove. Firgrove Village is situated in the eastern area of Southern Jorvik, just below a mountain range. The settlement is surrounded by a wooden palisade, and boasts several shops, a café, an inn, and a stable.

In Star Stable Online, the Curly Horses, Finnhorses, along with some of the Morgans and a G2 Arabian are sold here.

New appearance, entrance

New appearance, aerial view

Old appearance

Old appearance, aerial view


The village is almost entirely made of wood and stone, and the buildings all have green roofs. There are trees and plants throughout the area. With walls around the settlement, the only ways in and out are through the main entrance and a small path leading to Gray World Gap and Northern Wildwoods.


  • During the Winter Festivites of 2020, Mrs. Packard revealed that the village was initially a grand Viking town before it was abandoned and demolished. Then Firgrove Village was built, starting off as three cabins in the mud.
  • The walls around the settlement were built to keep out wolves.