Firgrove Mountain

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Firgrove Mountain

Firgrove Mountain is the large mountain near Firgrove Village. It is accessed by the Red Ribbon Trail, which is a path leading up to the mountain peak.


Firgrove Mountain consists of many spots for views, and the Red Ribbon Trail. This trail is made known by a quest given to the player at level 14. It is accessible before this. It is characterized by Firgroves many evergreen trees, and it allows for the player to see all of Silverglade, and the surrounding areas.

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View of Silverglade
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The ancient tree


  • There are wolves here, in the rocky parts of the mountain, like the ones in Mistfall
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    One of the wolves
  • There is one of the ancient trees here, on one of the peaks near the trails end.
    • There are other trees like this all over Jorvik, including: South Hoof Peninsula, Forgotten Fields, Greendale Forest, Scarecrow Hill, Valley of Frozen Mist etc.
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