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The horse market on its permanent spot

Ferdinand's Horse Market is a market owned by Ferdinand and his wife Eddie.


The horse market was released March 26, 2014, located at the Jorvik Stables Arena, with three horses (two Friesian Sport horses and an Andalusian) and exclusive gear and tack, at the time it was hinted the market would be traveling between locations in Jorvik but the other locations were unknown.

On May 7, 2014, the horse market landed in Fort Pinta and added three more horses (Jorvik ponies). On June 4, 2014, the horse market traveled to Steve's Farm and brought with it three Tinker Horses.

On July 2, 2014 the market arrived at it's final location, Cape West Fishing Village, and brought with it two more Tinkers, this also marked the day when older horse models started being transferred to the market.

By September 10, 2014 mainly old model horses and ponies had taken up the bulk of the market's available spots, and the amount of tack and gear sold exclusively at the market had substantially increased.

At some point the horse market became so full that Star Stable introduce a randomizing feature meaning not all of the horses would be a available at every location the Market visited (however items remained the same no matter what location the market moved to), instead leaving it up to chance if the horse you were looking for would be at the market that week. This was aggravating for many players interested in picking up an older model horse.
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The rotation board

On December 27, 2017, Star Stable introduced a new feature allowing users to rotate out the horses by simply clicking on a sign at the Horse market marked by two blue horse heads in a circle. By clicking this, the user can change the available horses between different sets if the horse they are looking for is not available in the current batch.

On July 17, 2019 the market was placed in a permanent location near Doyle's Abbey by Fort Pinta. This would remove the weekly travel feature that the horse market originally had and removed the weekly quests given each week.


There are currently 84 Horses sold at the market and they are mostly all older models, meaning they have rudimentary animations.

Akhal-Teke - 2

American Paint Horse - 5

Andalusian - 6

Appaloosa - 1

Arabian Thoroughbred - 9

Chincoteague Pony - 3

Danish Warmblood - 3

Dutch Warmblood - 3

English Thoroughbred - 4

Friesian Horse - 3

Friesian Sport Horse - 3

Jorvik Pony - 14

Morab - 4

Morgan - 4

North Swedish Horse - 6

Oldenburg - 3

Pintabian - 2

Selle Français - 3

Shire Horse - 1

Tinker Horse - 3

Trakehner - 1

Westphalian - 1


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