Evergray is an ex-druid and an explorer of Pandoria. He has spent nearly 20 years on Pandoric expeditions, which has given rise to a disease as a result of the Pandoric energy.

He is said to be the druid who knows the most about Pandoria, but during his travels he has been unable to find a cure for the disease that takes over his body after long stays in the dimension. 


Evergray is still knowledgeable, curious and according to Linda he can be quite jovial. However, before his exile and by viewing Catherine's memories it turns out at one point he was strict and hard with his training of the previous generation of Soul Riders especially Catherine.

Prior to Star Stable Online

When he was young, Evergray was apart of the Aideen Protectors together with his younger brother Avalon. He was the main archivist of the ancient writings of the druids. Along with that in Catherine's memories, before his exile Evergray along with his brother Avalon trained Catherine to control her powers but went a little extreme on how to do it.

As time went on, he developed a great reliance on learning more magic of the desert riders and figured out how he could travel to and from Pandoria on his own. As his obsession with the magic of the desert trivia increased, he began to get sick of staying for too long in Pandoria. The druid order chose to banish him, from which he went north and may have met several witches.

Star Stable Online

After the gate in the Secret Stone Circle is destroyed Fripp speaks of Evergray before passing out.


Evergray is assembled by the words ever and gray, meaning ever/always and gray. 


  • Due to his disease Evergray can't visit Pandoria again.
  • He can even read Pandorian.
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