Star Stable Online has several events that happen annually throughout the year. These limited time celebrations typically offer unique quests, clothes, horse gear, accessories, and pets that can only be accessed during their specific event. They also usually have a unique currency obtainable through the event's activities which can be traded for the event exclusive items.

SSO originally celebrated common Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter, however, in an attempt to remove religious symbolism for inclusivity purposes, they began to phase out these events around the year of 2018. This was done by either completely removing the event entirely or decentralizing it from the real-life holiday via removal of religious iconography/symbolism.

In March of 2022, SSO announced their plans to implement a new schedule of events throughout the year. This plan involved splitting events into one of two categories, dubbed Primary Festivals and Secondary Festivals.

Primary Festivals are larger events dedicated to each season; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. They typically last 4-6 week, with seasonally themed activities, collectible items, and rare rewards. Primary festivals are also meant to have self-contained quests with overarching storylines for players to experience.

Secondary Festivals are smaller events that are speckled throughout the year. They typically last 1-2 weeks, and usually have unique minor activities such as races or shops. Secondary events typically do not have story-line driven quests associated with them and receive little to no changes besides bug fixes and items each year.


These are the current events that return to the game annually and have not been removed.

Primary Festivals[]

Spring Festival/Equestrian Festival[]

Main Article: Equestrian Festival
The Equestrian Festival is celebrated in early spring, typically around the month of April. During this event, many unique races, quests, horses, pets, and purchasable items are available. Previous smaller events such as the Red String Trail Ride and some the Jorvik Stables Open House were integrated into this festival. The event's currency is Spring Tokens, which can be earned through the event's activities.

Summer Festival/Camp Western[]

Main Article: Camp Western
Camp Western is celebrated in summer around the month of July. Thisevent, offers players a chance to mine gold nuggets, and search for hidden chests around the Firgrove region while avoiding dangerous beasts. The event's main currency is Summer Tokens, which can be earned through the event's activities. The gold and tokens players collect can be exchanged for unique items to make traversing the wilds of Firgrove easier as well as unique clothes, pets, horse gear, and accessories. Currently, Camp Western is the only Primary Festival that cannot be accessed by players without a Star Rider subscription.

Autumn Festival/Halloween[]

Main Article: Halloween
Halloween is celebrated during the fall months, typically starting in early October and continuing into early November, is a time of year when there are spooky decorations around Jorvik. Players can visit Galloper's Keep during the event. Finding Vortexes, participating in the event's races, and other activities reward the player with the event's currency, Autumn Tokens.

Winter Festival[]

Main Article: Christmas
Originally SSO's Christmas event, the Winter Festival is celebrated in December and usually lasts until mid-January. During this time, players can visit the special Winter Village to participate in holiday activities as well as finding and completing Winter Festivities. The currency for this event is Winter Tokens.

Secondary Festivals[]

Birthday Event[]

Main Article: Birthday Event
The Birthday Event is celebrated around late September to early October to honor the date of Star Stable Online's launch. During this time, players can participate in special birthday races for large amounts of XP. Additionally, special shops are open with unique gifts and clothing that change every year. The currency for this event is Golden Horseshoes

New Year's Eve[]

Main Article: New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve is celebrated in late December in preparation for the new year. This is generally one of the most subdued of the events celebrated on SSO. During this event, unique clothing can be purchased and fireworks can be shot off in specific locations. It is mainly held in the Winter Village along with the other Winter Festival activities.

Rainbow Festival[]

Main Article: Rainbow Festival
The Rainbow Festival is an event celebrated in June. During this time, players can travel to the Cloud Kingdom on Mica Stoneground's hot air balloon. They may participate in races that involve collecting golden horseshoes. The event commemorates real-life Pride Month. A previous event, known as the Fortuna Festival, was integrated into this event. As such, it uses the previous festival's main currency, known as Rainbow Gold.

Removed Events[]

These events have been removed and will not be returning. However, some elements may have been or will be incorporated into future ones.


Main Article: Easter
Easter was formerly celebrated around March and April (depending on where the holiday fell on the calendar that year). During Easter, Jorvik was decorated with colorful pastel colors and Easter Eggs. There were multiple Easter Egg Hunt Quests located throughout Jorvik, which could participated in for prizes. April Fools Jokes were also played during this time, allowing for some wacky shenanigans for the player and their starter horse. This event's exclusive items have not been made available in any stores or events.


Main Article: Fortuna
The Fortuna Festival was SSO's Saint Patrick's Day event and was formerly celebrated in March. During this time, rainbows showed up around Jorvik, and following them to their ends would bring the player in contact with a strange little leprechaun, Chaun, and a chance to grab some Rainbow Gold that could be exchanged for prizes. Players can also could participate in the Fortuna Festival Parade. While the mechanics of this event were reincorporated into the Rainbow Festival, its exclusive items have not been made available in any stores or events.

Jorvik Stables Open House[]

Main Article: Jorvik Stables Open House
The Jorvik Stables Open House generally lasted two to three weeks and was held from July to August. During this event, players could help set up for the festivities, participate in races, and enjoy the attractions set up. The event has been merged with the Equestrian Festival and now occurs in early spring.


Main Article:  Midsummer
In summer, around June, SSO celebrated a more commonly northern European event called the Midsummer Festival. In this event, the player could help build a Midsummer Festival area around Old Jasper's House. The player could dance at the festival, join players for picnics, be near the bonfire, and play music on a special stage. The Midsummer event exclusive items were made permanently available in the Global Store.

The Red String Trail Ride[]

Main Article: The Red String Trail Ride
The Red String Trail Ride celebrates the connection between riders and their horses or friends in early May. Players can tie multiple red strings at the camp in Firgrove after completing the trail. There are multiple different events that can happen on the ride. The event now is part of the Equestrian Festival and occurs in early spring.

The Gold Rush[]

Main Article: The Gold Rush
The Gold Rush was a small event held in late May 2020 and was similar to Fortuna. During this event, players were able to dig up three pieces of gold with a pickaxe around Firgrove each day to earn Jorvik Shillings from Scruggs the leprechaun. After collecting enough of them, Scruggs would reward the player with a special bridle. The mechanics of this event were incorporated into Camp Western.

Valentine's day[]

Main Article: Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day was celebrated in February. During this time, players could collect and deliver love letters for rewards, do Valentine's Day baking, and gather materials for Valentine's Day gifts. There were also special races which rewarded the event's currency, Friendship Hearts. The Valentine's Day exclusive races that were located at Jorvik Stables were re-decorated and added to the Equestrian Festival while the event exclusive items were made permanently available in the Global Store.

Summer Beach Party[]

Main Article: Summer Beach Party
The Summer Beach Party, also called the Fort Pinta Beach Party or the Beach Festival, was originally the primary festival for Summer, held between July and August. During this holiday, players could visit Fort Pinta Beach, where they could help set up for beach-related activities, make summery drinks, dance, and purchase exclusive clothing. There was also a dedicated reputation faction. While none this event was merged into the new Summer Festival, the event exclusive items were placed in a shop at that is available during the Camp Western event. An event exclusive race from this event was made available year-round at Fort Pinta Beach.


  • The Summer Beach Party was the only event with an exclusive reputation faction that was only available during an event.