Welcome to Epona!

Epona, also known as Southern Harvest Counties, is an area in Star Stable Online

To enter Epona, you need to be a Star Rider and: 

  • Have helped Helga and her family with their summer cottage. 
  • Have the reputation level Friendly with the GED Jarlaheim Office and have given Ms. Drake’s report about GED’s future plans to Herman. 

Most players start getting these quests around level 16. This area requires the highest reputation to enter.


Image from "The Star Stable Show: Episode 1"


During Star Stable Online's fourth birthday celebration, it was announced that the Southern Harvest Counties would be the next area to open, and that one of the settlements would be Fort Maria.

2015/11/06, in an interview with Lead Game Designer Hannes Kristofferson, the name 'Epona' was confirmed, and more information and pictures were released.

2015/11/11, the first footage of Epona was shown in The Star Stable Show: Episode 1, where the release date was confirmed to 2015/11/18. In the following week, characters from Epona were presented on social media.



  • In the beginning, Epona was meant to be released at the same time as the Harvest Counties. However, to plan the areas better, the team chose to release the two halves separately.
  • After you unlock the area, the bulldozer in Old Hillcrest is gone, and you can use the secret path if you want to explore the area with your horse.
  • Epona was later updated to a newer look along with the rest of Harvest Counties on the update of August 28, 2019.
  • The name Epona comes from the Celtic Goddess Epona who is the goddess of Horses (and most other equids), and fertility. The name Epona literally translates in Gaulish as "Great Mare".
    • This is also the name of the famous horse in The Legend of Zelda, who may have inspired the name choice as well.