Doyle's Abbey was built by monks who came to Jorvik hundreds of years ago.

Star Stable Online

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Doyle's Abbey by daytime.

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Doyle's Abbey is an old abbey located close toFort Pinta, and which now lays in ruins. Mary can be found close to the ruins.

Prior to Star Stable Online[]

According to Evergray, countless immigrants used to come here for ceremonies and solace when Doyle's Abbey was in its prime along with the earliest Druids, until for some unknown reason, it was taken now.

Star Stable Online[]

After Elizabeth Sunbeam passed away, a memorial was held at Doyle's Abbey where the Soul Riders, along with other friends and relatives, came to honor her memory. Before the memorial, Doyle's Abbey was covered in candles and lights, which gives the old ruins a spooky, yet magical effect.