Disco is a dog that appears in several of the games. He is the younger brother of the guard dog, Techno.

Star Academy

Disco is present at the Star Academy. He often runs around the school and sometimes shows LisaBrittany, and Kyomi things they might not have noticed from the beginning. However, it is unclear in the game as to who he belongs to or what he does at the school. 

Star Stable: The Autumn Rider

In Star Stable: The Autumn Rider, Disco is owned by Mrs. Masterton's family. The player meets Disco when he has sprung away from Kevin and has to be taken to the vet Barbara because he has glass stuck in his paws. The player may later return Disco to his grateful owner.

Star Stable Online

The player could see Disco  in Silverglade Village on a barrel next to Councilman at the town hall, but with some of the updates he was removed . There are also many posters of Disco, found at Fort Pinta Disco, Jarlaheim Hair salloon Heavy Metal Scissors and Jorvik City Mall


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