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A seal of protection

Shrouded in a thick fog and mystified by centuries of folklore, Devil's Gap is a perilous pit that is said to reach the deepest depths of Jorvik. Legend says the land was cursed by the Vala, an ancient coven of mystic women that have since passed out of memory.

Star Stable Online

Devil's Gap is an area in Star Stable Online. It is a foggy and dark, and has many paths leading to the bottom. To be able to access Devil's Gap, the player must be a Star Rider and have finished the quest in which the Wild Weave is unlocked, allowing passage to the area. The gate that leads to the area from Jarlaheim is locked, and the player is not able to enter through it. The land is sacred to the Vala, a coven of witches.

In Starshine Legacy: The Riddle of Dark Core and Star Stable: The Autumn Rider, the Devil's Gap is a narrow cliff with precipices on each side that runs through an area near the Jorvik Stables.

Star Stable Online[]


Devil's Gap was unaccessible before the update on May 17, 2023.[1] Before its release, it was made up of rock formations and ravines.

Devils gap (SSO)

Devil's Gap before release


Devil's Gap is perpetually dark and gloomy regardless of the time of day, leading to low visibility. There are torches lit by blue fireflies throughout that provide some light. Ravens can be seen flying around and perched on trees and rocks. A few Pandoric crystals can be seen growing from the rocks, along with some blue paintings of Vala witches and other symbols. At the bottom in Devil's Depths, there is rolling ground mist and pools of water. Stone arches and a few old rope bridges provide passage through the area. It appears to be uninhabited except for Sive.


The area is only accessible through the Wild Weave portal and the passage from the Forgotten Shores. The passage is open after the way is cleared in quests. The path to the Jarlaheim gate is blocked by stones.


The blocked road


There are no settlements or stables in this area.

Starshine Legacy[]

In Starshine Legacy, Alex enters Devil's Gap in attempt to rescue her little brother James from Katja.


  • Gavin has told the player to never open the gate leading to Devil's Gap.
  • According to Linda, there are rumors in Jarlaheim that Devil's Gap is a bottomless pit.
  • If the player attempts to enter the area from above and not through the portal or the Forgotten Shores passageway, they will be blocked by an invisible wall.
  • According to the May 2023 game blog, the area was once considered to be made into a concert arena.[2]


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