Derek is the postman in Silverglade Village. In the Starshine Legacy series, he worked as a photographer for the government but at the same time was taking photos for a perfume company named Glamour no 5.

Starshine Legacy

Derek is a photographer who eventually paid a visit to the school of Jorvik, in order to take pictures of Anne. Jessica managed to steal the spotlight by earning Derek's attention. Derek takes pictures of both of the two girls but later decides that he should be taking the pictures on a different location. Anne suggests that the photoshooting can be done at the Jorvik Stables with her horse Concorde. After Anne's photos were taken Derek suggested that Jessica should also take some pictures with Concorde so it will be fair for both of the girls. While Alex is taking a walk in Pine Hill, Derek can be seen walking until he gets kidnapped by Mr. Sand's goons who ended up breaking his camera causing him to lose several photos.


  • Derek used to refer to Jessica as "Jess".
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