Derek is the postman in Silverglade Village. In the Starshine Legacy series, he worked as a photographer for the government but at the same time was taking photos for a perfume company named Glamour no 5.

Starshine Legacy: Legend of Pandoria[]

Derek is a photographer who pays a visit to Jorvik High School in order to scout and photograph models for the perfume company Glamour No. 5. He has specifically come to takes photos of Anne, but Jessica manages to steal the spotlight by charming Derek. Derek takes pictures of both of the girls but struggles to choose a winner. He decides that he should be taking the pictures in a different location. Anne suggests that the photoshoot be done at Jorvik Stables with her horse Concorde, much to Jessica's dismay. After Anne's photos are taken, Derek suggests that Jessica should also be photographed with Concorde so it will be fair for both girls. That evening, as Alex is walking through Pine Hill, she spots Derek walking until he is kidnapped by Mr. Sand's goons, who end up breaking his camera. His camera becomes damaged, and he loses several of his photos and camera batteries.

Later that evening, Derek escapes from the goons and meets the Soul Riders at the stables. He explains to the girls what happened, and that he lost his batteries while being attacked. The batteries are made of “super sonic solar cells” which cannot be easily replaced, so Anne volunteers to retrieve them for him. After she returns with the batteries, Derek admits to the Soul Riders that he’s working for the government, and that his role as a photographer for Glamour No. 5 is a side job. Although he tells Anne not to trust him, he also tells her that he is not a bad guy, and warns her of the dangers of Dark Core having the photos of her and Concorde. Derek explains that the photos contain her and Concorde’s inner essence, which can be used to manipulate or harm them. Before Anne leaves to retrieve the photos, Derek wishes her good luck.

On tournament day, Derek shows up to watch Anne and Concorde’s performance. After Anne wins, he congratulates her and tells her she’s also secured a spot as the model for Glamour No. 5’s new collection. Anne confronts him about his government job again and he admits to her that he’s been sent to keep an eye on her, which he flirtingly says is the best job he’s ever had. He doesn’t know much about Dark Core or Mr. Sands, but he believes that Anne and her friends all have something to do with the strange things happening in Jorvik. Anne asks him out for dinner, which he excitedly accepts.

Derek meeting with the Soul Riders at Jorvik Stables.

Star Stable Online[]

In Star Stable Online, Derek is a postilion at Silverglade Village. He can always be found at the post office and is involved in a variety of quest lines.

Derek’s relationship with Anne has grown in Star Stable, and he can be found interacting with her in several quests. Near the end of the Saving Anne questline, Derek is one of the first people to greet Anne after she returns from Pandoria. She asks if she looks ok, to which Derek replies that she "looks perfect". After Elizabeth Sunbeam’s passing, he can be found comforting Anne and the Soul Riders. It is unknown if he and Anne are still romantic interests or if their relationship has gotten more serious since Starshine Legacy.


  • At Derek’s post office in Silverglade Village, the photo of Anne and Concorde from Starshine Legacy can be seen on the countertop. The photo has a note on it, stating; "A + C, the Angels of Fashion Week -- D". This photo is an updated version of the photograph Derek took of Anne and Concorde in Starshine Legacy.
  • Derek used to refer to Jessica as "Jess".
  • In the former Valentine's Day quests, Derek offered daily quests for players involving the delivery of love letters.
  • In a Warm Wish quest, Derek asks the player for help surprising Anne with a gift. He explains to the player that the two are best friends, and upon surprising her, Anne refers to him as her best buddy.
  • Derek is the great-great grand-nephew of Jorvik's legendary postman Mustang Myles, who reportedly started the Jorvik Postal Service.
  • According to a former Star Stable Entertainment employee on Tumblr, "sorceressferaly", Derek is part of the LGBTQ+ community. She complimented a drawing from the 2021 pride month comic and talked about the LGBTs characters in it. "I love this image. So much detail, so many canonically queer SSO people in one picture. You have Syntax (non-binary), Derek (gay), Rowan (non-binary), Rania with her two mommies Sigry and Eiren, Alex and Maya, Concorde (reincarnated as another sex and cool with it), and also Anne."