Darko is Mr. Sands' subordinate, and shares the same goal as the Dark riders, dedicated to setting Garnok free. Darko is committed to his expectations and is determined to achieve his ambitions. He often becomes overconfident and narcissistic. He originates from Norway.

Star Stable Online

The player sees Darko for the first time at Dark Core's oil platform, where he has gathered Sabine, Jessica, and Katja, and is holding a speech to discuss his plan for recruiting the last dark rider, Elise. Later on, Darko prevents the player from saving Anne and attempts to capture the player by summoning Garnok.

During the group's next attempt to rescue Anne, they approach her crystal prison and attempt to free her, yet suddenly Darko appears and informs them that he's been experimenting with Anne's power to hasten Garnok's release. He's attacked by Alex and decides to retreat, sending her and the player to meet with his "parting gift". After the player and Alex break free, the group makes a run for their portal back to Guardian's Dale, and he tries to trap the riders in Pandoria by closing it. After most of the riders have gone through, Alex is left behind, inevitably forced to fight him herself. As their magic clashes, she claims- "We took down Mr. Sands, we'll take you down too." Darko retorts, saying that Mr. Sands is a relic, and that he's the future of Dark Core.

Alex is backed into a corner by the angry man, from which point he berates her with insults, saying that she's unworthy of her powers, and without Tin-Can she is nothing more than an angry girl from the streets. As he's about to finish her off, he's stopped by the player and Elizabeth. Upon seeing Elizabeth, he calls her the vestige of a failed sisterhood- and realizes that there's no better way to hurt her than by hurting Alex. Before Darko can do anymore harm to Alex, he's blindsided by Elizabeth, yet he regains consciousness as her back is turned and strikes her. Despite being afflicted by his fatal spell, the druid leader manages to throw him from the rock platform they stand on, presumably to his death.


  • Darko has a key chain picturing a teddy bear hanging from his bag.
  • Darko is one of the very few animated characters that include lip syncing in their animation.
  • Darko's cane allows him to summon Garnok and has a horse skull decoration on its handle.
  • Darko has the ability to create dark horses.
  • The only pun Darko ever made in the game was about a material called "Drakonium" where he called it DARKOnium.
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