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Catherine's Memories are collectibles, like the Fallen Stars and the Toy Postcard Collection, that you collect in your journal. The memories are most similar to Toy Postcards, as they serve a purpose as part of a quest involving Linda Chanda.

Collecting the memories will result in the quest's completion, and pieces of Catherine's Diary restored in the Lore Library section of the player's journal.

The number of butterflies collected in the area of the quest can be seen when clicking the collections button on the user interface or by pressing the "J" button on your keyboard.

Finding Locations[]

After receiving the quest from Linda Chanda to search for fragments of Catherine Moorland's memories, a chapter in the collections journal will appear, giving the player the main areas to search for memories.

Once a player has entered an area where fragments are hidden, they may freely search the area for them. The fragments appear as pink shining butterflies that float around in a small circle. They are accompanied by the soothing sound of a synthesizer. As the player nears closer to a fragment, the sound will grow louder, helping to pinpoint the exact locations of the butterflies.

When all of the butterflies are collected in an area, Linda will call the player and tell her to meet her at her home in Jarlaheim so that Linda can activate the spell for seeing into Catherine's Memories.


After completing each area, the player and Linda will use magic to show the player a memory of the past. Once a memory has been fully explored, Linda will gift the player with a part of Catherine's Diary, which can be read in the Lore Library section of the collections journal.

There are currently twelve locations and 15 rewards. The fifth and tenth rewards are given by Linda after the player finds all of the memories in Part 1 and Part 2, respectively. This questline ends with a special gift from Linda.

Location Reward
Doyle's Abbey Catherine's Diary Chapter 14 & 15 and Meteor Plush
Dino Valley (Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur) Catherine's Diary Chapter 7
Epona (Western Epona) Catherine's Diary Chapter 6
Goldenhills Valley Catherine's Diary Chapter 8
Hollow Woods (Valedale) Catherine's Diary Chapter 4
Jorvik Stables (Jarlaheim) Catherine's Diary Chapter 5
Linda's House in Jarlaheim (Only after completion of parts 1 and 2 respectively) Catherine's Diary Chapter 3 & 10
Mistfall Catherine's Diary Chapter 9
Moorland Stables (Moorland) Catherine's Diary Chapter 1
North Harvest Counties (The Forgotten Fields) Catherine's Diary Chapter 13
Silverglade Catherine's Diary Chapter 11
South Harvest Counties (The Eastern Slopes) Catherine's Diary Chapter 12
South Hoof (South Hoof Peninsula) Catherine's Diary Chapter 2


There are 120 memory fragments hidden around Jorvik. Below you will find the locations and the coordinates to collect them. We have numbered them as the game has. This means that sometimes, 2 locations next to each other on the list are quite far apart.

Part 1: Hollow Woods, Moorland Stables, Jorvik Stables, South Hoof[]

Hollow Woods (Valedale)[]

Number Coordinates Notes
1 X: 270, Y: 99 Surrounded by the magic stones near the secret stone circle.
2 X: 240, Y: 149 In the bushes around the abandoned summer house.
3 X: 253, Y: 157 In the bushes, behind a secret stone, on the west river bank of the Silversong River.
4 X: 301, Y: 109 Head to X: 298, Y: 122 on the trail towards Valedale lake and face north, follow the path through the bushes until you reach the coordinates on the left.
5 X: 296, Y: 99 Near the tree to the right of Avalon's house.
6 X: 286, Y: 127 Hidden behind the bushes on the right riverbank of Silversong, directly south of the championship.
7 X: 281, Y: 97 On a large cliff near the trail to the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur.
8 X: 266, Y: 120 On top of the white hatch that makes a loud noise.
9 X: 211, Y: 134 Hidden in some tall bushes.
10 X: 284, Y: 112 Floating in the river as you're leaving Valedale.

Jorvik Stables (Jarlaheim)[]

Number Coordinates Notes
0 See Notes In the paddock within the Jorvik Stable walls, this one is part of the initial quest and does not count towards your number obtained
1 X: 17, Y: 242 Inside the stable walls next to the roses leading to Herman’s house
2 X: 19, Y: 250 Behind a large rock, east of the cow stables
3 X: 19, Y: 240 Right of the gated entrance to the stables
4 X: 6 Y: 238 Head to X: 13, Y: 238 and face west. Follow along the outside of the Jorvik Stables wall until you reach the coordinates on the left
5 X: 3 Y: 248 At the “Old Runestone” Start at X: 6, Y: 253 (GED Exploration Station Alpha) and face NW. You will see a path slightly submerged by water, jump over to the path and follow it to the coordinates on the left.
6 X: 24, Y: 224 North of the Jorvik Stables Championship arena, near the path leading to the dock near Sunfield Farm
7 X: 33, Y: 227 surrounded by a group of rocks Northeast of Sunfield Farm 
8 X: 29, Y: 239 Behind the massive rock in the northern Jarlaheim Fields next to Sunfield Farm
9 X: 26, Y: 259 Behind the small mill next to the small wooden bridge leading to Paddock Island
10 X: 47, Y: 253 At the southern entrance to Jarlaheim coming up from Paddock Island. Take the path at the front right of the gate and follow to the last house. The memory is behind the last house.

Moorland Stables (Moorland)[]

Number Coordinates Notes
1 X: 209, Y: 236 On the flat part of grass near Jasper's Old Barn
2 X: 202, Y: 246 By a tree near the Moorland Championship Arena
3 X: 187, Y: 253 By a tree west of Mrs. Holsworth's House
4 X: 172, Y: 248 Floating on the small dock at the beach behind the paddock with the Bobcats.
5 X: 198, Y: 251 East of Mrs. Holsworth's house on a hill behind a rock with a yellow flower patch.
6 X: 187, Y: 231 Near Conrad's Workshop hiding in the bushes
7 X: 158, Y: 238 Head to X: 160, Y: 236 at Nilmer's Highland and face southwest, slowly make your way down the hill until you reach the coordinates on your left
8 X: 144, Y: 224 On a hill off the road near Ydris' Circus behind the bushes
9 X: 157, Y: 223 On a hill at the right side when approaching Ydris' Circus from Nilmer's Highland
10 X: 219, Y: 245 Behind the lighthouse

South Hoof (South Hoof Peninsula)[]

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X: 204, Y: 376 Behind three stones forming a half circle.
2. X: 179, Y: 377 Floating by the Stone Circle surrounding the Singing Yew.
3. X: 157, Y: 373 On the cliff to the edge of the Peninsula near the bridge to New Hillcrest
4. X: 180, Y: 346 Head to X: 177, Y: 349, from here you can see the butterfly floating on the sands. (To leave this area, face southeast and make your way down to a tiny bit of beach below, once on this outcropping, face northwest and jump to the larger beach in front of you.)
5. X: 291, Y: 394 Behind the lighthouse
6. X :285, Y: 376 On South Hoof Beach near Dead Man Sands
7. X: 273, Y: 366 Floating around an apple tree behind the therapy stations at the Rescue Ranch
8. X: 275, Y: 353 Behind the stone stable structure underneath a large rock cliff on South Hoof Farm
9. X: 242, Y: 379 In between a rock formation consisting of 5 stones
10. X: 256 Y: 350 On the road that leads from the farm to the port

Part 2: Dino Valley, Epona, Goldenhills Valley, Mistfall[]

Dino Valley (The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur)[]

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X: 314, Y: 49 At Nic Stoneground’s camp, at the edge of the cliff where the road leads down to the lake.
2. X: 323, Y: 15 Floating on a stump near the frozen road
3. X: 347, Y: 18 Head to X: 339, Y: 16 and face northeast. Head up the hill to find the butterfly near the edge of the geyser field.
4. X: 332, Y: 39 On top of a snow mound in front of the dinosaur skeleton.
5. X: 331, Y: 50 Floating on a stump on a snowy hill in Frozen Vale Lake
6. X: 343, Y: 47 Beside a big rock at the helicopter's crash site.
7. X: 365, Y: 56 Floating by a post on the northern side of the broken bridge at the end of Ash road leading to Ashland
8. X: 382, Y: 73 In the Ice Forest near a group of giant boulders
9. X: 383, Y: 94 In the middle of the Valley of Frozen Mist, directly northwest of the Ice-covered tree
10. X: 394, Y: 52 In the Valley of the Frozen Mist northeast of the entrance to stonecutters vault

Epona (Western Epona)[]

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X: 90, Y: 327 Between the gated house and the Crescent Moon Fashions store in Crescent Moon Village.
2. X: 79, Y: 328 Behind the horse stables in Cresent Moon Village.
3. X: 80, Y: 345 Head to X: 77, Y: 339 and face south towards the flat rock sitting in Epona Lake. Jump on that rock and then jump the next two until you land at the coordinates on the left
4. X: 65, Y: 352 Head to X: 66, Y: 351 and face southwest. The butterfly is below you. (You can make it back up the mountain by slowly walking up the grass path)
5. X: 52, Y: 315 Head to X: 56, Y: 316 at Shipwreck Shore and face northwest follow the tiny trail of land to the coordinates on the left.
6. X: 69, Y: 324 Facing north east of the Crescent Moon Village race on the opposite side of the lake.
7. X: 101, Y: 320 Facing west on Full Moon Road leading into Crescent Moon Village, look north to a rocky platform in the Epona River. The butterfly can be seen in the tall river grass.
8. X: 109, Y: 335 Head to X: 110, Y: 331 on the Mirror Marshes and face South. Follow the path in front of you to the butterfly.
9. X: 102, Y: 338 At the Twilight Temple. Head to X: 116, Y: 337 at the broken bridge by The Great Thunder and face west. Follow along the jutting rocks and jump to the rock opposite the one you are on. Then face northwest and follow the path in front of you up to the coordinates on the left.
10. X: 128, Y: 311 Head to X: 140, Y: 319 and face northwest. Follow the path in front of you until you reach X: 130, Y: 310. Face west and jump the fence in front of you to the coordinates to the left.

Goldenhills Valley[]

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X: 120, Y: 147 On the hill above Jasper’s Pumpkin Farm
2. X: 100, Y: 119 Near a rock near on Old King’s road by the Shadowy Hills
3. X: 86, Y: 115 Flying around a Magpie on The Old King’s Road near the stone bridge
4. X: 89, Y: 97 In the middle of Aideen’s whisper within a shallow ditch
5. X: 77, Y: 110 Floating on the road in Hussar’s Drop
6. X: 66, Y: 119 By a large stone with candles on it at Hussar’s Drop. Go to X: 67, Y:114 and face south-west. Walk through the bushes and keep going until you reach the butterfly.
7. X: 49, Y: 100 At Smuggler’s Roost. Head to X: 46, Y: 101 and face northeast. Jump across the gap and the butterfly will be at the coordinates.
8. X: 38, Y: 71 Circling a runestone on Goldenleaf Island
9. X: 76, Y: 150 Head to X: 79, Y: 147 and jump over the fence. Follow the path down to the butterfly
10. X: 85, Y: 133 In the middle of Goldenleaf Forest


Number Coordinates Notes
1. X: 318, Y: 271 Within a Fairy ring atop the hill on the right after you turn onto the road of Birk’s Grange
2. X: 327, Y: 319 In a hidden campsite at The Keel. Head to X: 332, Y: 324 and face west. Follow the trail to the coordinates
3. X: 372, Y: 341 In a shallow part of the bay
4. X: 388, Y: 348 In the wheat field by Dundull, surrounding a scarecrow
5. X: 397, Y: 327 In the orchard by Kora’s Cottage
6. X: 395, Y: 313 Near a stump on Berry Hill
7. X: 388, Y: 290 Hidden in some bushes on the ledge overlooking South Mistfall Ranger Station
8. X: 380, Y: 295 Head to X: 372, Y: 291 and face northwest. Follow the trail up the hill until you reach the large white tree where the butterfly is floating.
9. X: 364, Y: 308 By the bridge leading to the Peregrine Trail
10. X: 360, Y: 329 Head to X: 361, Y: 326 on the Peregrine Trail and face southwest, make your way down the hill where the butterfly is hiding.

Part 3: North Harvest Counties, Silverglade, South Harvest Counties[]

North Harvest Counties[]

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X: 78, Y:188 Surrounded on a hill by 5 runestones.
2. X: 89, Y: 192 Across a small wooden bridge, go around behind the cottage.
3. X: 84, Y:180 In a circle of rocks in the Forgotten Fields.
4. X: 99, Y: 184 On a bridge along the Silversong River behind the Riding Arena.
5. X: 86, Y:167 Floating around an unlit campfire up on a tall narrow hill with a single runestone.
6. X: 76, Y: 164 Go to: X: 78, Y: 166 and follow the path down to the Secret Smuggler Place on the coast of the Forgotten Fields.
7. X: 58, Y: 178 Along the coast of the Forgotten Fields past a large dead tree stump, flying around a rune stone surrounded by trees and flowers.
8. X: 56, Y: 194 In a cleft of a rocky hill.
9 X: 52, Y: 208 Circling a rock at the base of a rocky cliff.
10. X: 41, Y: 199 Circling a runestone around The Ancient Tree (The Sleeping Widow).


Number Coordinates Notes
1. X: 181, Y: 186 Behind Big Bonny’s house
2. X: 182, Y: 208 In a small paved glade just beneath Silverglade Castle.
3. X: 173, Y: 191 Floating by a tree in in the wheat field west of Silverglade Village, next to the Silverglade Championship arena. 
4. X: 172, Y: 164 Floating by a large rock in the middle of the potato field north of Marley’s Farm
5. X: 203, Y: 172 Flying around atop a small hill with a picnic area next to Will's Mill.
6. X: 217, Y: 184 In a circle of trees by bush in the field across from Barney's silo.
7. X: 198, Y: 202 Clearing directly behind three big rocks near Steve's Farm.
8. X: 190, Y: 200 Flying around the runestone southwest of Steve’s Farm
9. X: 188, Y: 178 Behind the swing sets by the house at the north end of Silverglade Village (Post Silverglade Village update)
10. X: 175, Y: 198 Floating on a hill behind Daxton’s pink house in Silverglade.

South Harvest Counties[]

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X: 132, Y: 278 In the Guardian’s Dale northwest of the stairs
2. X: 153, Y: 264 At the soul Riders’ Campsite near the Guardian’s Dale floating next to the outhouse
3. X: 120, Y:291 Halfway down the trail to The Cauldron
4. X: 146, Y: 285 Circling around a tree along The Eastern Trail.
5. X: 166, Y: 281 Flying around the a tree in the orchard on Dew’s Farm
6. X: 151, Y: 262 In a bush on the hill to the right, directly after the gate (travelling from Wolf Hall Inn) leading to the Eastern Slopes.
7. X: 176, Y: 279 Near a tree overlooking Moorland Stables just north of Dew’s Farm
8. X: 175, Y: 300 On a rock looking towards Fort Pinta and South Hoof, south of Dew’s Farm.
9 X: 163, Y: 313 At the edge of the Mirror Marshes on the side near the Dew’s Farm, down the hill from the Druid Portal.
10. X: 147, Y: 306 Floating around a tree on a hill southeast of Dew’s Old Paddock

Part 4: Doyle's Abbey[]

Number Coordinates Notes
1. X: 242, Y: 236 Top tier of Abbey on the right behind a memorial stone, circling over pink flowers.
2. X: 239, Y: 238 Second tier on the right of the Abbey circling around a memorial stone on the edge of the cliff.
3. X: 245, Y: 235 Circling a memorial stone with candles and a tree stump with a lantern. Along the back of the second tier of the hill.
4. X:249, Y:229 By a tree near the small bridge in The Thorn Rocks area, just before you get to The Pony Race.
5. X: 240, Y: 229 Circling a dead bush and tree stump on the left second tier of the Abbey's hill.
6. X: 239, Y: 227 Down the left side of the hill on the second tier, circling a memorial stone next to a wooden bench.
7. X: 236, Y: 232 Left side of the entrance to the Abbey by the tree stump with a bird.
8. X: 238, Y: 230 Along the left stone wall of the Abbey, circling above mushrooms
9 X: 243, Y: 231 Top tier of Abbey on left side circling a stone pillar.
10. X: 243, Y: 235 Around the right side of the Abbey on the top tier next to the window.