Mr. Peterson, or Carl Peterson previously worked at Dark Core, he is Lisa Peterson's father. Mr. Peterson's wife has passed away and due to that, Mr. Peterson no longer wanted to live in the city because the place reminded him of his wife so much. Mr. Peterson and Lisa moved to Jorvik where he started to work at Dark Core.

Later, Mr. Peterson quits his job at Dark Core and starts a ranch called Starshine Ranch in Firgrove with Josh named after his daughter's horse, Starshine.


In Star Stable Online, Carl has blond hair, blue eyes and a beard. He is wearing a red scarf, a white t-shirt with a blue blazer, blue jeans, and yellow boots.


Carl as seen in-game (SSO)

Game Appearances[]

Starshine Legacy[]

During their move, Mr. Peterson's attention slackens from the road and they almost crash into Alex and Tin-Can who are riding in the middle of the road. He has a short conversation with her telling her that roads are meant for cars and gets a response from her where she states that she sees that they are new in Jorvik and then rides away in the night.

Later at the Dark Core's drilling place, Mr. Peterson got a phone call from Linda about Lisa who is not feeling well and has fainted. He then talked to a worker named Wilbur about the situation and that he needs to get to the shore as soon as possible, but the computer system controlling the striders crashes. He had to wait but starts to get frustrated and threatens him and shouts that he doesn't care how he gets back to the shore, but Wilbur needs to get him there. He was then stunned with a taser on the back by Laverne who then calls to Mr. Sands that Mr. Peterson had became a problem.

Star Stable Online[]

In the quest line in which Lisa moves into her room in Starshine Ranch, Carl Peterson makes his debut in Star Stable Online. He helps Josh when his horse, Pearl Hart, is injured, and he talks to Josh and the player about Lisa's room.

In the quests with Gary Goldtooth, Carl stated that he was helpless in the situation where the Buttergood family had made a deal. However, knowing that disputes can happen in Starshine Ranch, he directs them to Josh who decided to help them instead.

He also helps the player by giving them a fact about horses to include in the book they are helping James write.


  • Mr. Peterson used to work for Dark Core, which is shown in the first Starshine Legacy comic.