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Calanthe was Elizabeth Sunbeam's horse in Star Stable Online.


She is a Dapplegrey Jorvik Warmblood, with a dark grey mane, lilac eyes, and a unique upside-down teardrop shaped symbol on her forehead.
Calanthe face

Calanthe's Unique Symbol on her forehead

Star Stable Online

Calanthe is a Starbreed who served as Elizabeth's third bonded partner after her incarnation of Concorde and Calliope passed on. When Elizabeth is destroyed by Darko, Calanthe attends her deceased rider's memorial at Doyle's Abbey and is left without a rider so Evergray takes on the responsibility of becoming her next bonded partner.



Calanthe's name means "beautiful flower" and comes from the Greek words, καλος (kalos) "beautiful" and ανθος (anthos) "flower".


  • According to Evergray, Calanthe dislikes being referred to as "cute".
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