Buck is Katja's sidekick and James' childhood bully. He makes an appearance in Starshine Legacy: The Riddle of Dark Core and can also be found in Star Stable Online as a resident of New Hillcrest.  

Starshine Legacy: The Riddle of Dark Core[]

James is being bullied by Buck at school before Alex steps in and stops him.

When Linda and Alex study ancient texts in the library, one of the images represents Buck, with tentacles instead of legs, fighting the Soul Riders.

When Alex later challenges Katja, it is Buck who fights her. Buck loses to Alex, and later, when Alex wins against Katja in the race back to stables, he disappears.

Tentacle legs

Buck is seen fighting against the soulriders and having tentacles instead of legs.

Star Stable Online[]

Buck appears in Fort Pinta during the interval between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 of the Token Quests and makes rude remarks on James' Toy Postcards. However, Buck is interrupted by his seemingly romantic interest Rin who praises Token's Adventures instead as she explains how it increased her Purple Pony sales by 15%. Feeling abashed, Buck apologises to James and reveals that he was jealous of James' resilience and courage to smile despite facing hardships in his life.

Buck in SSO NPC Bubble


Buck is a large person with a red mohawk and angular cheekbones. He wears a blue, red, and white jersey with a red and white glove on his left hand. Buck also wears jeans and yellow sneakers.

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Buck in Star Stable Online


The name "Buck" may be influenced by the English word referring to male horned animals.


  • Buck is often seen carrying his hockey stick with him.
  • It is unknown how much he interacts with Dark Core in Star Stable Online.
  • He has a similar build to Ivan and the Janitor.
  • Jamie Olivetree's reputation quests sometimes require delivering baked goods to Buck.