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The Brinicle is a fictional horse breed available in Star Stable Online.


Date Development
December 5, 2018 The Brinicle (going under the name Jorvik Wild Horse) is teased in the outtakes of a video on SSO's social media. It appears in the background partially hidden by foliage.
December 12, 2018 The North Swedish Jorvik Wild Horse is added to the game for a limited time during the Christmas event.
December 4, 2019 The North Swedish Jorvik Wild Horse's name is changed to "Brinicle" and is added to the game for a limited time during the Christmas event.
November 30, 2020 A Trailer of the Brinicle, along with the other winter exclusive Magic horses, is dropped on SSO's Social Media.
December 2, 2020 The Brinicle is added to the game for a limited time during the Christmas event.


"Jorvik is home to beautiful and majestic breeds from around the world, but the most amazing horses of all can only be found on this island. Horses with manes and tails in rainbow colors beyond imagination, horses that shimmer like jewels or burn with the fury of the elements -- these are the Magic Horses of Jorvik!

Sail north west from Jorvik to the archipelago known as the Outer Dapples, and you'll soon find yourself surrounded by ice floes. It is out there, on the sea ice, that the noble horse known as Brinicle roams.

With its signature frozen mane jutting from its forehead like a crystalline horn, Brinicle is also known as a "Floe Unicorn" by the Wild Wardens who keep watch over the herd. The icy mane can be quite sharp, with Brinicle mares using them to spar and assert dominance in a herd.

Brinicle survives primarily on a diet of lichens, the only plant life that grows on the remote rocky islands it calls home. Occasionally they will supplement their diet with seaweed that they access by piercing the ice with their forelock "horn."

If you should be so lucky as to touch a Brinicle, do not be alarmed by the lack of body heat. Brinicle is the most cold-blooded of all breeds, with its warmth hidden behind a thick coat and squishy layer of blubber-like fat.

With arctic ice in decline, the future of wild Brinicles is uncertain. Fortunately, the breed is adaptable enough to survive on mainland Jorvik, and can even be quite healthy and happy living around humans. Should you adopt one, make sure it has access to a fresh salt lick and give it frequent brushings with a curry comb.

Like other Magic Horses in Jorvik, Brinicle shows its true colors in wild places and will conceal its appearance in populated areas. Whether in its magical "floe unicorn" form or disguised to blend in with other horses, Brinicle rides just like the North Swedish horses it is descended from." - Star Stable Online

Color Changing

The Brinicle is a magical horse with the special ability to change colors. When In the wild, it changes from its neutral colors to its natural (magic) colors. When the horse approaches Jorvik's different villages it regains its more realistic colors. The Brinicle evolved from contact with energy from Pandoria to the point where its magical ability is entirely its own.

Unique Features


The Brinicle sports moderate feathering on its legs. This long hair covering the horses' canon and fetlock means that the Brinicle cannot wear leg wraps or open front boots in the game.

Colors, Pricing, and Location

Icy-Blue to Blue Roan

The Brinicle is sold for 599 SC and can be purchased during Christmas in the Winter Village in one variation.

Note: This horse is released for limited periods of time and is not always in the game.

  • Natural color: Icy-Blue with white socks with an aquamarine mane and tail and tips of feathers.
  • Neutral color: Blue Roan


  • Brinicle, like most other Magic Horses, cannot have it's hairstyle changed.
  • The Brinicle was the first magic horse to have cold tolerance.
  • A brinicle, or brine icicle, is a downward-growing hollow tube of ice that forms beneath developing sea ice. The mane frozen into a horn on the Brinicle's magic form looks like an icicle, and may be the inspiration for its name.
  • Just like the Gen 3 North Swedish and Rune Runner, there is a glitch when the Brinicle jumps - the neck will snap backward unaturally.

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